A Pampered Pregnancy: 21 Bundles

One thing I regret about this pregnancy was how I really did not take the whole pamper yourself thing too seriously. I was so sick in the beginning that I just wanted to sleep. Then came my second trimester, where I felt so full of energy and barely had any stretch marks. I felt like myself again. And I never wanted to lose my sense of independence, so I didn’t want to put so much focus on all the changes and specifically-made-for-new-mamas things out there. I kept using the same beauty products, kept working at full speed, and kept a lot of things the same.

But now that my third trimester is here my body and this baby are forcing me to cool my jets. My stretch marks are here and they are mean. I also can’t stand for more than 15 minutes without my feet swelling and aching. I can’t lift anything over 8 pounds without immediately getting dizzy and actually seeing stars. Basically, I’m having a hard time.

Suddenly I’m panicking, looking for all the creams and foot ache relief. I’m drinking all the organic tea and trying to find all the aromatherapy to keep me calm. And while I’m trying to be understanding of my new limited range of motion, I seriously can’t wait to never ask my poor husband to do anything for me ever again. I look forward to the day when I drop something on the ground and can just pick it up myself without calling out for help!

21 bundles third trimester tea weheartbeauty pregnancy review

One of my good friends gifted me the 21 Bundles box, and just in time. It arrived the other week when Mike and I were finally going through the last of the boxes and officially getting the nursery ready! I was trying to organize but had to keep laying down and taking naps because being on my feet for too long was seriously wiping me out. I felt like I had just walked around Epcot for an entire day, lol! It sucks because usually Mike does the heavy lifting and then I put everything away.

I love that this box comes with things specific to your timeline in your pregnancy. I can’t imagine that is an easy thing to put together for whoever is packaging things so I am super appreciative for it!

The 21 Bundles at 8 months came with:

*have not used

While I haven’t used all of the products, I absolutely am in love with the ones I’ve be able to try out. The Anna Naturals Shrink My Feet Rose Soak is my absolutely favorite – it smells delicious with rose and lavender, and it’s a great way to relax after a long day of swollen ankles. I’m also a huge fan of the Erbaorganics Foot and Leg Refresher. I can’t exactly put it on myself so props to my husband for being a trooper! And I have been having the Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Third Trimester Tea literally every morning. It is raspberry based which is apparently good for inducing labor, but I’m still not dilated so it’s definitely an old wive’s tale. I’m trying to drink the rest of it before I pop though, since it is specific for the third trimester.

weheartbeauty pregnancy

Overall this pregnancy has not been super easy on me. The second trimester was truly as awesome as they say it is going to be, but the beginning and the end have been really insane. I’ll write more about my experience later, but little gifts like these make me smile and help me through! Although I will say, I wish I had just sucked it up and started getting all the pregnancy and mommy products sooner! 8 months in was a little late – oh well.

I’m due next Tuesday, and we really are SO ready! I’m over this being huge and in pain thing – bring on the labor! Get this baby out, lol!