A Simple Summer

I’ve (obviously) been missing, but I promise I have good reasons. Married life has been so truly exciting and this new chapter has been one hell of a ride. But that’s a story for another time. I’m a little embarrassed about how much time I took off from blogging, but something about the fall always reinvigorates my spirit and gets me feeling more productive and creative. I guess that back to school mentality never really left me. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to this summer:

What I Read:

// The Girl On The Train: You want to know the best way to get me to read a book? Make it into a movie. When I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I needed to devour the book. I read it over the course of two days and really couldn’t put it down. I found it a little annoying that people were reviewing it as the “next Gone Girl” because it just felt so different. Yes, it was a thriller and yes, it had a female “protagonist” (kind of), but it was written very differently and really gave me a lot more to think about. I loved this book and would highly recommend it.

// A Light Between Two Oceans: I started this book around 8:30pm and I stayed up reading it until 2:00am. On a Tuesday. I actually woke my poor sleeping husband up because I was sobbing so much. Yes, really. This book was amazing and I really couldn’t put it down. Also highly recommended, specifically for anyone who needs a good cry. Which, to be honest, is all of us.

What I Watched:

// Real Housewives of New Jersey: I’ve watched an unhealthy amount of this show, and you know what? I don’t even care. This is the housewives series I really and truly follow and I’ve been a proud Teresa fan girl since 08. Watching her bond with the new girls and transition into her new life after being “away at camp” has been everything I never knew I needed.

// A Light Between Two Oceans: I figured since I read the book I might as well watch the movie. It obviously was not as good as the book (nothing ever is) but it definitely gave me all the feels. It was shot beautifully, although I wasn’t a fan of them not showing the full and complete island until the last shot of it we ever see. Idk maybe that’s just me.

Where I Went:

// Maryland/Washington D.C. area for a beautiful wedding

// The Catskills, Upstate NY

// Cape May, New Jersey

// Mystic, Connecticut

// Long Island for another beautiful wedding

// The Adirondacks, Upstate NY

The vacations this summer have been short, but very sweet. I don’t have a lot of time off left from work since we took off so much time during the wedding (no regrets!) so these weekend getaways have had to due. While I do regret not being able to have a true summer getaway, it makes me look forward to going home for Thanksgiving the most.

I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and is ready for all things fall! Pumpkins, apples, knit scarves, etc. I’m normally a summer girl through and through, but I’m ready to start rocking my cable knit… today!