Acne Control Solution that is Safe for Pregnancy

My awkward skin drama has been pretty well documented. Pregnancy has not made things any easier on my skin; it is definitely more oily and more prone to acne now that I’ve got all these hormones! I’m not allowed to use any traditional acne treatments because all the ingredients are bad for the baby’s development. Enter the Mario Badescu Drying Mask: formulated without Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide, making it safe for Baby!I have been missing my Glam Glow and other masks, but Baby’s brain development is more important than my skin! Obviously. This Mario Badescu Dying Mask wasn’t my favorite pre-pregnancy because I never felt it was truly effective, but now that I’m pregnant it’s the only mask that helps with acne that I can safely use. And I’m finding it actually works – I don’t think I gave it enough time or chances prior to getting pregnant. The active ingredient is sulfur, so I smell like ass after using it, but you know what? Small price to pay for drying out my pimples and pulling out excess oil in general.


It’s more of a spot treatment than a mask, as the directions specifically state to only use on problem areas. For me, that’s my T-zone and the sides of my cheeks, almost next to my ears. After leaving it on for about 20 minutes, I notice some serious oil control next day, and during following week not one single pimple even pretends to come through. Hell to the yes.

I truly only use this maybe once a month, if even. There are times when I like to indulge in an evening of pampering myself, but I’ve just been so fatigued that I can’t possibly bring myself to do anything but fall asleep – let alone give myself 20 minutes for a mask. The results when I do decide to indulge myself, however, are pretty mind blowing.

How and When to Use It:

I was never really sure when to use a face mask… Do I exfoliate first? What about serums? If I was a deep cleansing one do I put toner on after or before? I’m still kind of clueless. I started doing the 10 step Korean skincare routine and since then it’s a little more clear.

If you’re in need of a little direction in the skincare department (I know I needed all the help), I created this skincare printable to help track it all. It’s available in my Etsy shop, but if you’re reading this you can get it delivered directly to your inbox FOR FREE. All I need is your email, and it will get sent to you automatically!

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This whole being pregnant thing is fun, but the total body takeover can be draining. It’s nice to be able to use a product that is safe for Baby and effective for me – it’s definitely the only acne control solution that is safe for pregnancy that I have found. As silly as it sounds, finding this allows me to feel more and more like myself even when my body is definitely not the same!

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