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October 26, 2015

If you’re near autumn leaves but you don’t throw them up in the air are you even a blogger?

By now you are well aware of my obsession with the Adirondacks. This past weekend was our third trip in three months, and it was beautiful. I’m a solar powered summer girl, but Fall is just so photogenic.

Also, I brought my DSLR with me but can we just talk about how amazing the iPhone 6s camera is? Holy moly. I didn’t break out the DSLR once.

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We went for a mountain getaway this time around. The last two trips we rented houses on a lake, but since we knew it would be colder this time around we decided to get a literal log cabin in the woods and have a new adventure. The views did not disappoint. The property had several crab apple trees, a fire pit, several bedrooms and a room with bongos, a ukulele, and other fun musical instruments.

adkbeautifallOn the first day we hiked to Auger Falls, which was a beautiful and simple mile and a half walk. The falls were crazy to see in person. I’ve only seen a real life waterfall maybe once before. It was gorgeous and we had a ton of fun taking hilarious cheeseball photos and enjoying the view.
adkbeautifall-falling-waterfallOn Sunday we took a brief walk down to more trails. At first we took the wrong road and ended up on private property, including an area with a bunch of boulders and some painted animal skulls. Yes, really. I freaked out and it felt like we were in an elephant graveyard and we were Simba and Nala. Needless to say, I ran back down the hill.

By the time we got on the right trail we realized that if we went towards the pine orchard or the larger lake we would run out of time. So we walked literally .1 miles to a small lake inlet where everyone skipped rocks, met a newt, and admired the fall foliage. Hey, Autumn. You really do win.





Spending time with our friends is always the best part of these trips. We had hot dogs and smores and had a whole lot of laughter. It rained on Saturday night so we weren’t able to do a campfire like we had planned, but we made up for it by playing some very memorable board games. Mike pointed this out and it’s so true: luckily this house was much bigger than the ones we previously rented. If there was any house to get stuck in, this was it.



So we’re back in NYC and I start pilates teacher training this weekend, which means my weekends are pretty much non existent until the end of January. I’m grateful we had this one final getaway before the holiday. And I can’t believe how soon the wedding feels all of a sudden. There’s still a ton more to do, but we’re enjoying being engaged and planning everything slowly but surely. Snow will be on the ground before you know it.

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  • Zarrah Jane

    What a gorgeous place to live.

    I love the photos and you look fab

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  • jointyicroissanty

    Perfect fall! These pictures are breathtaking!