Quick Apartment Tour: The Bed

We’ve lived in our current apartment (condo if you want to get fancy) for a year now! It’s been an amazing year (hello, marriage) and it is so wonderful to have a place that really feels like home. I haven’t posted much on it because the whole place feels like a work in progress. I put a lot of things on our wedding registry, and some of those things are still on back order (I’m looking at you, coffee table). To be honest, the place has looked very vanilla and more like a Target ad than a home. But we are finally getting things in order, including this beautiful new bedding and headboard! Our nightstands have been built, the rug is getting placed down tonight, so expect an actual bedroom (not just bed) tour very soon. Apartment tours get me hyped and force me to CLEAN! Lots of bloggers and websites suggest crisp, bright white bedding. I’ve read so many articles recently that suggest texture over print and the color white for every single thing on the bed: from pillows to sheets to blankets to comforters. I’m 100% against that. I believe in big, bold comforters that look more like art than anything. I prefer to keep the wall above my bed neutral and let the bed itself do the talking.

Image via Apartment Therapy
Proof that white beds are all the rage right now. Seriously, check out any bed spread here and see how they’re all the same color. Image via Apartment Therapy

we heart beauty bedroom - bedding: aprile duvet by anthropologie, tufted velvet headboard from onekingslane

I prefer to keep my bed colorful and comfortable. I can’t bring myself to have plain white sheets and duvets. This particular duvet was on our registry and was given as a sweet gift from my aunts. I am truly in love with it. It is colorful but still calm. It inspires creativity without being overbearing. I’m a firm believer in the right color scheme: a good one can comfort you and can do so much more for your mindset than hospital-white sheets can. And as long as the duvet and sheets you’re wrapping yourself in are cozy, you can’t go wrong.

bedroom throw pillow in we heart beauty apartment - majorcan garden pillow from anthropologie  whbapt

Because I’m me, I always need to add a little bit more pink in wherever I can. Shades of pink instantly brighten the room and lighten my mood, no matter how weirdly rainy it might be in May. This particular Marjorcan Garden Pillow from Anthropologie also adds a bit of texture to our bedscape: the added embroidery and ribbon edges give the space a cozy feminine touch.

Obviously home trends come and go, but to me an all white space is not something I want to wake up in. I love print, colors, and the inspiration they provide. Always do you, especially when it comes to bedding. Comfort beats design every time in this arena.

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