Beauty Travel Essentials

M and I are heading out to my home sweet home state of California tonight. While I’m a little sad we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time in the new condo, I’m so excited to be visiting home and my family. Everyone will be there celebrating my baby bro’s high school graduation! Here’s a list of my beauty preferences for the brief visit:

polish and pucker by rinse bath and body co we heart beauty

– Lip Balm: I am prone to chapped lips so I really like to stock up on good lip balm. I carry about three of tubesĀ  at any given time. My current favorite is the Pomegranate Pucker Stick from rinse bath & body co.

– Shampoo & Conditioner: I like to use PHD by Living proof when I travel. First of all, I have a million samples of the thing. And second, it leaves my hair extra clean so I can go a little bit longer in between washes. Not a moment to waste when on vacation!

– Face: This BB Cream goes everywhere with me. If I don’t wear it for a couple of days, on the day I finally do put it back on it feels like every person I encounter tells me how glowing and beautiful I look. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy. It’s perfect for a low maintenance, easy cream physician's formula

– Face Wash: I am a sucker for sample kits, and this Mary Kay one is great. Sometimes my skin pretends it’s 15 again and does this whole “breakouts everywhere” thing so it’s nice to be able to have something that helps solve it all.

– Facial Wipes: After a long day or a long hike (like the one we have planned for tomorrow) I’m definitely going to need a little skin refreshing. I love packing “Yes to Cucumbers” Soothing towelettes with me.

Overall I try to keep my vacation beauty picks very light so I don’t overwhelm myself with options. We’re not going to a huge event, so there’s no need for extra things like a contour kit or a dozen different eye shadows. And since it’s not going to be incredibly hot, and it definitely won’t be humid (ugh I love home) there’s no need for extra staying power crazy intense face sprays and powders. This is going to be a short trip, but nonetheless it will be sweet! I really and truly can’t wait to wake up in California! See you on the Best Coast :)