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December 29, 2014
You have some pretty big shoes to fill 2015! Happy New Year everyone

Mike and I actually started out as a long distance relationship. We would spend 2-3 months without each other over summer vacations and we would never spend Thanksgiving or Christmas together. Two years ago we decided to start with some baby steps and began alternating Thanksgiving. This year was my year, which is when we took these engagement photos with 1985 Luke Photography.

engagement photo

We had such an amazing time taking these photos with Luke + Bre. To read more about our time together check out this post.

engagement photoengagement photo

engagement photo

engagement photo

engagement photo

We spent this Christmas apart, which is not unusual for us. Since my family is 3,000 miles away we don’t have the luxury of splitting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A bi-coastal family has its challenges! Regardless, we both had wonderful holidays with our families. Hope you did as well!

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