California Bachelorette

I have the best family and the best friends in the entire world. I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I am. As you might know from my snapchat (@lovelaralove) I was in my hometown for my California Bridal Shower. So many people from around the country came together to celebrate and it was the best time I’ve ever had.

Most of my best friends were going to be with me over the weekend for the shower so I figured we should see a concert or something. I’m not a big “go to the club and get wasted” or “go bar hopping and get wasted” kind of girl so I figured a concert would be the best of both worlds. Fetty Wap was the only act in town for the weekend we were around, and who doesn’t love “Trap Queen” AMIRITE? So I literally got all of my white friends to go to a rap concert and IT WAS THE BEST.

I thought we were just going to have a low key time going out, but my best friend Laural took it up a million notches and made it an amazing bachelorette party. She called me a couple of weeks prior and our conversation went a little like this:

Bestie: “Hey can I put together gift bags for the bachelorette party?”
Me: “Absolutely not – don’t kill yourself over this. I want it to be fun for you too so don’t do any extra stuff”

I had no clue but she wouldn’t listen to me one little bit. She went ALL OUT. I was not expecting it at all and was completely over the moon in love and obsessed. The suite was filled with all of my favorite candies and snacks, in pink of course. And even included a penis cake (LOL) and In and Out burgers! YAAAAS. Laural, THANK YOU. I don’t deserve you.

we heart beauty bachelorette party

we heart beauty bachelorette party we heart beauty bachelorette party we heart beauty bachelorette party gift bags we heart beauty bachelorette party

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