Christmas 2014 Out Takes

We had so much fun with this stupid card, lol. I really wanted to capture what an average day looks like in the apartment…. Justin playing music, Mike playing his video games with the cat cuddled up on him, and me working from home/wedding planning every chance I get. Of course things don’t always go as planned. Phoenix, being the diva that he is, would only sit still for a few shots. Typical. My bangs kept doing this awful thing, and our curtains wouldn’t close all the way due to the streamers and lights so I had to do a little bit of editing. But overall I think we ended up with a fun and totally dorky card.

It might seem a little weird to have a dedicated card for the apartment, but the three of us have shared a home for about 4 years now. We’ve spent holidays with each others’ families, and we’ve gone on multiple vacations together. So it only seemed right that we have a legit Christmas card. Besides, it was either that or just sending out a card featuring only the cat. Although that also sounds like the best idea ever. Maybe next year?