Day Designer for Blue Sky Daily Planner Review

The Day Designer for Blue Sky collection is every bit as amazing as you would expect it to be. Whitney English is truly the “queen of planners” in my mind. I remember back in 2011 when I was looking for a new planner: something that fit my needs as a recent graduate. My daily notebooks and weekly planners and google calendar were too much for me and I truly could not get a grip. I looked up planners on Etsy and found the OG Day Designer: custom made based on whatever month you needed it to start, and a whopping $75ish price tag. Well aren’t you lucky, world, that Blue Sky Planners found Whitney English and is hooking us all up with her planners at Target prices. Can I get an Amen?!

I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on some samples of the newest (beautiful) collection, so I’ll be sharing photos of each planner every day this week! Yup, it’s true, this Day Designer for Blue Sky Daily Planner Review is sponsored by Blue Sky Planners. You know how I know I’ve made it? That sentence right there. Thanks so much, Blue Sky!

Today’s feature is the closest to the flagship Day Designer: A commanding daily and weekly planner with room for schedules, to do’s, notes, and goal planning. This bad boy will actually be replacing my usual flagship Day Designer this year. I have been a Day Designer devotee since way back when, so although I already purchased my June Flagship edition I’m actually holding out for the July Blue Sky Daily instead. Why?

Why I’m Switching to the Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner from the Flagship Planner:

  • I prefer the large three column format.
  • I actually like the thinner paper – I like my planner pages to get messy and feel used¬† (anyone else love the feeling ball point pens give paper?). The thicker paper from the Flagship collection is too “perfect” for me.
  • The slightly larger pages are great for my jam packed days.
  • Extra note pages in the back – something the Flagship edition is seriously lacking (and that I super miss! Remember when the monthly tabs were separated with thicker, lined, notes pages? Le sigh).

Why I was Hesitant to Make the Switch:

  • I sort of hate the colors. I prefer my planners to be black and white and gray on the inside (as opposed to this teal) because I like for my thoughts and color coding system to fill the pages.
  • The quality is obviously lacking,¬† but that’s because it is a very affordable planner. I am a little nervous it won’t hold up for the whole year, but my Daily planner never leaves my desk. I can afford for the coil to be less sturdy and the covers to be soft.

But the greatest part about this planner is the three column system. I love love love having somewhere to put notes. Not just down at the bottom, but on the right hand side so it is still an active and important part of the page.

daily day designer for blue sky planners target daily planning page

For the first time ever, I received these planners c/o Day Designer for Blue Sky! Normally I buy these puppies on my own to review, so thank you so much to the Blue Sky team for sending some my way. More reviews of this line, including the weekly formats are coming later this week!

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