Desk Diaries: Currently Reading

I am so looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving. What I’m not looking forward to? The flight. NYC to SFO isn’t the most desirable holiday route, but anything is made better with some good reads. Here’s what’s on my list:

1. Wedding Magazines of all kind. Wedding planning is on my mind, especially since we are thisclose to booking the venue! I love my pinterest board for all inspiring kinds of things, but there’s nothing like flipping through a wedding mag to get some expert advice.

2. “Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me (and other concerns)” by Mindy Kaling: Mindy is one of my favorite people of the moment. Not only is The Mindy Project one of my favorite shows, but Mindy herself is an excellent fashionable follow on instagram.

3. “Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham: This book caused some controversy lately, but I’m still very willing to read through it and form my own opinion. It certainly has some essays that make me uncomfortable (prude that I am), but it wouldn’t be Lena Dunham unless I was totally cringing anyway, lol!

I’m sure I’ll also be downloading my fair share of movies and TV shows to watch on the flight over. Any suggestions?