So I know I said I’d finish out the week with part 3 of my favorite fall nails (see one and two), but a gift came in the mail last night that kept me occupied for longer than I excepted….

I have never really given myself a fair chance in the blogosphere – I’ve been writing casually since my senior year of college but I’ve never really invested in myself or in this website. I always figured I would just see where it would take me.

Lately, it’s taken me to some really great places including exciting collaborations with really great companies, and a wonderful network of like-minded bloggers and small business owners. So in the midst of working full time and planning a wedding I’ve also decided to kick up my freelancing and my writing. Blogging really does help keep me sane, whether it adds to my daily To Do lists or not. I’m busy but I am blessed. Earlier this month I officially decided: I am going to give myself a chance. I am going to give myself the tools I need to be successful instead of just coasting. I’m going to invest in growing my talents and make an honest effort to continue to learn every single day. Step One: Retire the point-and-shoot. Invest in a DSLR.

But with all my bills and the expense of planning/saving for the wedding, it was never really in the cards for me to be able to afford anything. A few days ago I got an email notification from Amazon: the most affordable Canon DSLR “starter kit” was on sale for $100 off the already discounted normal price. I absolutely freaked out. It was totally a sign. I looked over my finances and my upcoming bills and did what any reasonable adult would do. I called my parents.

So even though they were just here and treated me to a Costco run and dinner and brunch, they also treated me to this brand spankin new camera. Yes, really. I am actually the luckiest girl in the world and couldn’t be more thankful to have such loving and supportive parents.

So with this I give you my new beginning. I have a lot of fun things brewing, I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been up to.