Doing Nothing

Living in this city means developing some serious hustle, some insane work ethic, and a whole lot of sleep deprivation. Our old schedules don’t exist because our work ethic has to match our peers. We have to establish ourselves so we spend every second of every day thinking about work. Getting better. Going further. Building our brands. Our weekdays are filled with back to back meetings and late nights at the office. Our weekends aren’t for rest, they’re for being Weekend Warriors. Saturdays and Sundays are for friends (brunch, the beach, or bars) or for preparing for the week ahead (errands, meal planning, or even catching up on work projects).

Press Pause. Sometimes you just need to.

I miss nothing. It’s funny how when you’re a kid you hate being bored, but when you’re an adult that word barely exists anymore. I miss boredom, I miss stillness, I miss nothing.

I don’t mean mindless nothing. I don’t mean playing a game on my phone, or watching Netflix. I truly mean doing nothing. Just being still with yourself, with your thoughts, and living in the present. Letting your brain take a break. We are always looking to entertain ourselves in some way or another. Our minds are always on, whether we are aware or not. Listening to music. Watching TV. There is a huge difference between one hour sitting in a park versus one hour of Gilmore Girls.

My eye doctor said something to me the other week that really rocked my world. My eye sight is getting terrible, and in just the past year my prescription went up not by one but by two. She asked me what I do for a living, how often I watch TV, how many monitors I have at work, etc. My living is spent on a computer, I love TV, and I have three monitors plus I’m always looking at my phone.

“Pixels” she said. “The problem with the world today is we don’t ever look at anything real anymore. Everything we look at is pixelated. It used to be black ink on white paper. Now not even that is real.”


It’s been one of my powersheets goals to try and focus on the real. Real food. Real books. Real relationships. A lot of our lives are online, and while I’m a huge fan of the online world (obviously) I do recognize how it’s turned me into a mindless being. Let’s mindfully do nothing. Let’s be aware of how our brains need some time off to just relax, decompress, and focus on nothing. No entertainment. No music. No games. Just nothing.

Doing nothing is good for you. It’s necessary. Mindfully do nothing. And if that’s too hard, then mindfully look at something real. A real tree. The real sky. A real person. Take the time to do nothing. Schedule it in, the way you do your workouts or your meetings. Unplug and just be still. There are enough hours in the day. You can prioritize and make it happen. But make sure to prioritize nothing. That’s important.

I’m mindfully listening to what I really want, more often than not what I really want is very similar to what all cranky old men want. And that’s some God-damn peace and quiet. :)