Fall Nails Pt2: A Quick Manicure

Photo by Kurt Cruz

During our first trip to the Adirondacks I knew we were going to get a second set of engagement photos done by our good friend, Kurt. This was a mildly active trip, with kayaking and swimming in the lake. I didn’t have any time to get my nails done prior, so I was happy to give myself a little imPRESS Manicure. I was nervous about them, but the color was perfect and exactly what I wanted. And let me tell you: they last.

impress manicure press on nails

Photo by weheartbeauty. imPRESS Manicure, c/o Impress nails. Similar version here.

The weirdest part about press on nails is taking a shower. Trying to shampoo your hair, getting soap stuck in between your real nails and the press ons… it can be a little weird at first, but to be completely honest it’s something that you get over. Especially given the convenience. This pack comes with multiple different nails so you can find the perfect fit for each finger. It took me barely 10 minutes to get these on, and with zero dry time I was out and about immediately.

I actually had these nails on for a good week before the engagement photos. You might recognize them from some of the blog posts in August:

impress manicure press on nails impress manicure press on nails
Photos by weheartbeauty.

They lasted me a good week, and probably would have lasted even more. But since we were away for the weekend I opted to take them off.  I got tons of instagram compliments, and plenty more in person. They look soooo good in person. Mike didn’t even realize they were press on until I mentioned it!

impress gel nail manicure

adirondack engagement photo

Engagement photo by kurt cruz

Engagement Photos by Kurt Cruz

The imPRESS Manicure was perfect for our fun Adirondack photoshoot. Gotta have nice nails when you’re taking pictures of the ring! And I’ll be honest, I always felt some kind of way about press on manicures prior to this, but one of my coworkers rocks a new one each week and always looks so put together. The best part? I never knew they were press ons until I asked.