Favorite Face Masks

Let’s talk skincare. I’ve never pretended to have it together when it comes to this – I love certain products, but my overall routine usually ends up really slacking because 1: I’m bad at good habits and 2: I’m very lazy. But leading up to the wedding last year I realized that I had to start taking my skin more seriously. I developed a love for face masks and did one at least once a week, especially because I’m acne and blackhead prone. It felt nice to have a good deep clean!

But while I was pregnant I wasn’t able to use my super clearing masks, so I fell in love with moisturizing masks that helped keep my skin hydrated and soft. And for a “beauty blogger” (lol not really) I can’t believe I’ve never shared my favorites! Such a slacker. So here they are – my favorite face masks:

Face Masks For Acne:

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Clinique Acne Mask

This is great as a spot treatment. I used this when I felt a ridiculous pimple about to sprout – you know the kind. Those deep beneath the skin, heavy hitters that leave a mark if you try and pop them. Applying a dab of this face mask after my regular face wash was always a nice and proactive way to keep the acne in check, making potential zits retreat overnight.

I’m not able to use this as I’m breastfeeding right now, but man oh man does my skin need it!

Face Masks For Blackheads:

Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Mask 

This mask has had a moment, and let me tell you: the hype is worth it. I’ve never felt such an intense deep clean. It’s a little too much for weekly use though (I alternate with other mattifying masks), and the price tag is high. This mask is definitely a must-have if you have stubborn blackheads that refuse to move, though.

Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying

This will without a doubt be the best $20 you ever spend at Sephora, and that’s saying something. Much gentler than the Glam Glow mask, the Sephora Collection Mud Mask cleans out blackheads in one fell swoop and is kind enough on your skin to use once a week. It’s my favorite one and I always feel like a million bucks after each use.

Face Masks For Dryness:

Fresh Rose Face Mask

The Rose Face Mask by Fresh works by hydrating and toning the skin, which is basically black magic if you ask me. The gel mask smells as garden fresh as you’d expect, with the added bonus of real rose petals infused with special algae to deliver moisture where your skin needs it most. The texture takes a second to get used to, but I love how glowing and supple my face feels and looks after each use.

How and When to Use Them:

I was never really sure when to use a face mask? Do I exfoliate first? What about serums? If I was a deep cleansing one do I put toner on after or before? I’m still kind of clueless. I started doing the 10 step Korean skincare routine and since then it’s a little more clear.

If you’re in need of a little direction in the skincare department (I know I needed all the help), I created this skincare printable to help track it all. It’s available in my Etsy shop, but if you’re reading this you can get it delivered directly to your inbox FOR FREE. All I need is your email, and it will get sent to you automatically!

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