Finding My Groove As a Work From Home Mom

Finding my groove as a mother and as my own boss in the same year has been anything but easy. It brings the idea of work-life balance to a whole new level. I’ve been slowly but surely finding my groove in this new chapter of my life – here are the things that have been getting me through it all!

I Live and Die By My Routines

I do not go to bed until my skincare routine is complete, and I do not go to bed until the sink is clean and the dishwasher is running. These are my non-negotiables. There are definitely times I am feeling lazy, but having a clean sink and knowing that the dishes are not piling up takes a lot of anxiety off my shoulders!

I also make sure to unpack and repack the diaper bag the night before I need it so I’m not struggling to pack it the morning of. Another thing that I’m pretty serious about? Putting things back where they belong. I am generally messy, but motherhood has mostly stopped that. The way I see it – I’m making decisions and thinking about things all day. The more I can do things on auto-pilot, the better. I don’t want to have to think about where the extra diapers are, or where the scissors are, or where the tape is. I want to know it’s where it is supposed to be so I can think less!

I Still Cut Myself A Lot of Slack

It’s hard to be thoughtful with your clients, tidy at home, a leader for your team, and make a home cooked meal for dinner every night! I do the best I can with what I can, but I cut myself a lot of slack when push comes to shove. It takes me months to send thank you cards, and sometimes (all the time) the laundry is piled up. You can’t be good at everything!

Open Communication with Clients and Contractors

I overcommunicate with anyone who I work for and anyone who works on my team. It’s so important that they know what’s going on, especially since you can’t control your kid getting sick or your child’s daycare closing for the day. The best way I’ve found to have work-life balance is to let work know what’s happening in life, and let life know what’s happening in work!

Open Communication with Family and Friends

Like I said, you have to let life know what’s happening in work. If you have an important deadline that can’t be missed, let everyone know. I tell my husband, my friends, and in-laws… anyone who is around who might be able to help me just in case something goes wrong and I need extra childcare or extra help around the house.

Dependable Childcare

This is everything. I don’t know any moms with businesses who function without some sort of part-time babysitters, daycare, or nannies. You are not meant to do it alone! Having Ivy in daycare three days a week is the core of my business. I would not be able to make ends meet without it. I don’t feel bad about it because I know she is in good hands at an incredible center, and I know and love all of her teachers. Knowing that it is dependable childcare versus just friends or family watching her is also important – it allows me to plan my weeks and months without being hostage to someone else’s plans.

I’m definitely still learning, but being able to handle each stage of growing my business and momming leaves me confident and feeling like I can conquer the world!