FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER: Undated Monthly Calendar

I’m stepping my game up, and first things first: more printables. Everyone loves a good freebie, AMIRITE?! I created this free printable planner with our hectic lives in mind. I love having a complete overview of everything, from important appointments to goal tracking reminders. Sometimes while creating an agenda you can get lost in remember what your purpose for the month is.

This printable is nice and simple – nothing too fancy, therefore it’s ideal for those of us who color code everything. I use mine at my desk as an overview of the month for all my bills (you know I’m a nut and have different planners for different needs). But this is also perfect for tracking your workouts, your habits, your personal important dates, wedding planning, etc etc!

The link to download is below:

Click here to download the FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER (undated)

If you have any suggestions or requests on something you’d like to see, please let me know! I have a few more up my sleeve – including fancier colors and more art work involved (I know not everyone is as plain Jane as I am). Plus, check back next week for a weekly version.

And PS: I’ll be posting all of these printables at from now on so please be sure to keep in touch with me over there.