“Get It Done” FREE Printable Planner

I say this knowing it sounds completely ridiculous: Lists are my entire life.  No really, they are. With all the different things I need to do on a daily basis, I can’t imagine not having a place to write them all down. I’m a “creative” with thousands of ideas floating in my head at any given moment. This means that I can’t count on my brain to remember anything! Fearful of missing deadlines, I’ve had a To-Do notebook since my first internship.

But To-Do notebooks can get boring, and don’t necessarily inspire or even keep you on track. Before I joined the Day Designer party I created my own printable for my smaller notebooks. I would cut each page in half, glue it on the left side of a spiral bound notebook, and take notes on the right side. It’s perfect if you already have a gorgeous notebook but need something to guide you through your days just a bit more.

Download yours for FREE right after the jump:

Get It Done FREE Daily Planner

free printable planner daily agenda
free printable planner


I hope it helps guide you through your days and de-clutter your lists. Here’s to a productive 2015!