Free Undated Daily Planner Printable

I’m a self-proclaimed planner nerd (which you probably know if you’re not new around here). It’s because I love all beautiful paper goods and also because I’m kind of a weird control freak/asshole and I can’t be stopped. Not sorry.

Sometimes it feels like pinterest is saturated with a million different free planner printables, but even with all the options I always end up making my own. Don’t ask me why or how – it just happens.

free printable download undated daily planner list

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I dabbled in sharing my printables a few years ago, but I decided recently that since I have so freaking many I might as well share them with the world! I like them to be clean with clean lines. Working a 9-5 plus freelancing on the side takes its toll and the last thing I need is another list that clutters my brain rather than gets me organized.

I have free weekly and monthly printables in my shop, but this daily one I’m super excited about. It’s a FREE undated daily planner printable for people with a to-do list that kills. I like to keep work + personal items on one sheet so I don’t lose track of everything. It’s so much easier for me when it’s all on one page. I also don’t have too many appointments or meetings in one day so I shortened the appointment area versus the more traditional appointments on one side and to do list on the other layout you’re used to seeing.

Here are all the details:

How to use it

The free undated daily planner printable has six pre-labeled sections to help you to kick the day’s butt:

  • Today’s Affirmation
  • Personal To Do
  • Appointments
  • Notes

Plus the traditional To Do List tracking:

  • Three most important tasks

Fill out as needed with all your crazy goals for the day/week/even month. Put it all down, crossing off your tasks as you go about your day.

Where to use it

  • In your favorite full size notebook: glue it down on the left side, use the right side to take your notes for the day (meetings, other lists that need to be made, tracking phone calls, etc)
  • On a clipboard on your desk: keep it next to you so you can stay on task throughout the day! Distractions be gone.
  • Or … wherever you’ll use it! Don’t just tuck it into your binder or purse. Use it!

When to use it

Every day – preferably the night before you leave the office or your desk. Write down everything you know you need to do tomorrow. Review it in the morning and hit the ground running.

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Hope you guys love it! And if you have any printable requests let me know. I’m working with some pretty cool artists to get some gorgeous (but not too crowded) printables in the mix too. Would love any feedback you have.

Here’s to the weekend!