Glam Glow Power Mud Dual Cleanse Treatment

YOU. GUYS. First of all, sorry for being a jerk and not giving you my love and devotion. Life has gotten the best of me and things are busy busy busy. And when things are busy, I break out. And when I break out no one is happy. Enter Glam Glow: literally the best, craziest face mask I have ever evered.

See? I’m so busy and so in love with this product I can’t write real sentences. Blargh.

I have tried all the blackhead removal products. All of them. Charcoal masks, pore strips, microdermabrasion, scrubs with sand in them, masks with clay and mud from all of the seas and all of the mountains, etc etc. Nothing works. I am embarrassed to admit just how terrible my black heads are. I never had to worry about acne and actual pimples, but black heads and white heads have always been a gross part of my life. TMI? Sorry.

So now that I am of course getting all the acne in the world I’m becoming a little skinorexic and am trying my hardest to fix it all. Step one: CLEANSE THE DAMN BLACK HEADS. I’ve heard about Glam Glow over and over and over again. I’ve also listened to my wallet be like “bitch relax this shit is SIXTY NINE DOLLARS” and I’ve thought to myself 1) why is my wallet cursing at me? and 2) okay fine I won’t buy it.

Then Rue La La had a sale and the rest is history. Always wait for the sales, people.

Glam Glow Dual Cleanse Power Mud Treatment

The craziest part about this mask is the awesome tingling feeling and the wonderful smell. I wish I could describe it. It smells fresh and plant like without smelling sickly sweet.

So the first thing I learned is that this is meant to be applied on in a thin layer. I normally do thicker layers on these kinds of masks, but whatever Glam Glow says I do.

Side Note: You also might recall me doing this mask on SnapChat the other night – you could see everything in more detail. If you haven’t followed me yet pleaaaasee dooo! @lovelaralove.

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So after putting on a thin layer and setting my timer for 10 minutes, I waited. The first feeling is gentle tingling while lets you know the product is working. This particular Glam Glow mask is meant for more sensitive skin so I can’t imagine what the regular Power Mud treatment is like. I definitely felt fine with the tingling but I’m willing to bed the regular version feels more like burning.

The second feeling is your regular mask-like stiffness. Doing this mask near Mike while he was making me laugh was probably not the best idea – trying not to smile when you have dry mud on your face is super awkward. Getting to this stage is when I checked myself in the mirror and, I kid you not, saw actual blackheads popping out of my skin. Just sprouting out, like daisies. Gross. BUT really cool – not just feeling that it is working but having visible proof. YES PLEASE.

The final step in this mask is adding water in circular motions to change it from a mud to an oil, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and not overly dry. But this felt weird to do after seeing all the dirt popping out of my pores. I did it anyway because I follow directions like that.

I didn’t want to grace the internet with photos of my nasty face but if you follow me on snapchat you already know. It was a really awesome mask and got dirt out of pores that haven’t been clean since who knows when. Embarrassing, but this is the life of an honest beauty blogger. I used this shit and it worked.