Goal Setting + Trying To Do It All

I’m working with a personal trainer for my upcoming wedding, and last night he asked me about my eating habits. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I know how to eat well, I just don’t do it every day because I’m an asshole. I’m lazy and hate meal planning and am so tired at the end of the day that I just can’t do it.
Him: You’re not an asshole. You are just spread so thin that you don’t have enough willpower left at the end of the day. You can’t allocate any more of that willpower to your eating habits because it’s already gone.

Whoa. How. True. I focus so hard on my professional goals, my freelance goals, my personal relationships, and my social life that my own body gets the short end of the stick. This is nothing new. But is it possible to have it all? Or am I three weeks away from publishing a “Taking a Break” blog post?

Over the weekend I had so many freelance project deadlines, plus I really wanted to complete the photoshop e-course I had purchased in September. That meant I didn’t do any laundry and didn’t clean the apartment. It wasn’t a priority, even though a messy apartment is not fun. So on Monday I hired a cleaning lady for 3 hours to come and take that off my plate. I’m at the point in my life where outsourcing makes sense so I have more time to do the things I love or need to do. And I’ve decided that there’s no shame in that.

Thinking about the events of this past weekend has made me realize where my priorities lie. My biggest focus this month has been outsourcing and learning. Last weekend: I wanted to learn photoshop, so I outsourced some cleaning. A lot of people will look down on that. I don’t have kids, how can I possibly be too busy for basic domestic work? If you’re one of those people who is thinking that right now then stop reading my blog, b*tch ;). I’m not super woman and I accept that. I can’t do it all, so I’m okay with outsourcing basic administrative work so I can continue learning, improving, and growing my marketable skills.


So what do I value the most? So how do I make time for these things? What has to be pushed on the back burner for now? What can I take off of my plate?

True to form, I listed things out in order to be better sort through my thoughts and organize my ideas. Before I knew it, it helped me really figure some sh*t out:

My Freelance Deadlines:
  • Client website launch on 10/16
  • We Heart Branding Re-Launch on 11/1
  • Client website launch on 12/7

My Freelance On Going Projects:

  • Client Business Coaching
  • Client Website Coaching
  • Client Goal Setting Coaching

My Personal On Going Projects:
  • Planning the wedding
  • Planning the honeymoon
  • Pilates Teacher Training

What I Want and Value:

  • to always be learning
  • a thriving full time career
  • a thriving freelance and blogging career
  • a social life

  • a wonderful relationship
  • a secure financial status
  • a healthy, strong body
  • enough sleep

Things I Can Outsource In Order to Meet All Deadlines
+ Obtain What I Want and Value:

  • house cleaning
  • social media
  • complicated graphic design

  • wedding planning assistance
  • website site-map implementation
  • content proof-reading

Things I Can’t Outsource That Need More Attention:

  • a healthy, strong body

  • enough sleep


I don’t want to burn out, and I want to be able to have it all. By outsourcing some things I’m hoping I can concentrate on obtaining a strong healthy body and getting enough sleep. I’m hoping that by delegating some of my more mundane tasks I can reallocate some of my energy to myself. And if I have some energy left over, continue to read and take all those e-courses.

And when I inevitably am unable to complete everything I aimed to do I need to be kinder to myself. Have a softer inner monologue. I can do anything, just not everything. Hey, that sounds familiar.