The Greatest Weekend Getaway Part 2: #ADKforLaborDay

The real world totally stinks. This past weekend was a Labor Day Weekend I will never ever forget. I’ve been wanting to go back to the Adirondacks ever since we got back two weeks ago. And you know what they say about getting what you want… no one is going to hand it to you! So I planned another weekend getaway. It was last minute so not everyone could make it, but it was a thousand percent the best way to end the summer.

Before we begin – it’s music time. Listen to the best song right now and imagine sitting around a campfire on a lake in a private two story house. Best weekend ever.

This trip was magical in its own way.  I’ve never gone away away for Labor Day so it was a wonderful and very welcome change of pace. I’ll never forget…

  • Having a two story house with a private dock in a secluded section of the lake, all to ourselves! Last time we were in townhouses and shared the dock and the fire pit with 6 other houses. This time it was just us and it was so nice!11947594_10153006086997015_3829045245213976117_n
  • Not having any service almost the whole time. It’s amazing how different your mornings are when you can’t check your emails.
  • Renting a pontoon boat and swimming literally all day on Saturday.
  • All the pool floaties Alyssa and Matt bought. What great friends – making summer dreams come true!
  • Failing so hard trying to get on the killer whale floatie. I suck.


  • Driving the boat! I didn’t know all you needed in NY to drive a boat was a valid driver’s license. Too easy!
  • Mike swimming on the alligator, Felix.
  • Exploring the cute little island in the middle of the lake.
  • Laying on the rocks and having an intense photo shoot.
  • Pretending to be the Little Mermaid a ridiculous amount of times.
  • Alexa actually becoming a dog and playing fetch in the water.
  • Taking the boat in and dealing with some ridiculous locals. The people in Tupper were definitely a lot nicer! We encountered some very rude people unfortunately.11990574_10207809134889633_2530589257045921662_n
  • Having some outstanding burgers and watching the sunset.
  • Being tan for the first time in years! I love the sun. And I didn’t get any sunburn thanks in large part to the TotLogic Sunscreen.
  • Making smores on our private campfire.
  • Seeing so many stars. Even more than we saw in Tupper!
  • None of us being able to stop talking in a southern accent, which was ridiculous because we were five hours north.
  • Eating all the doritos. Oops.


  • Hiking on Sunday – it was amazing and a pretty easy trail.
  • Seeing the lake after only one mile in.
  • Jumping into the lake. So refreshing!
  • Seeing the rope swing and definitively realizing I am a giant baby and could never ever do anything like that.
  • Seeing ALL THE PUPPIES and all the swimming dogs.
  • Deciding that I definitely need a French Bulldog.

hiking in the adirondacks

  • Matt finding a frog and catching it! I’ve never seen a frog in the wild before. I was a little too excited.
  • Watching Justine and Alyssa jump from a boulder. You guys are crazy.
  • Swimming off the dock in our backyard. Seriously, does it get any better?
  • Me thinking I can drink alcohol but realizing once again, that I can’t. This always happens.
  • Taking a 3 hour nap to try and get my epic half a beer headache to go away. I literally always think I can do these things but I just can’t. I’m like Nemo.
  • Hutch chatting with me before I went to sleep. Naptime talks are so fun, especially when you’re unexpectedly drunk.
  • Waking up and immediately getting back into the lake.
  • Swimming to the rocks with Alexa, and then accidentally killing Felix the Alligator float. RIP.
  • Taking the paddle boat out to watch the sunset.
  • Almost drowning. But it’s ok, we didn’t. But we really almost did.12004069_10153006091227015_6231980519139191604_n
  • Enjoying more burgers and some pasta salad for dinner!
  • Playing”Pits and Peaks” with everyone around the campfire.
  • Getting into heated discussions about Taylor Swift.
  • Our neighbors launching fireworks! So beautiful!
  • More smores.
  • Skinny Dipping Chunky Dunking with the ladies on our final evening :)
  • A GIGANTIC DRAGONFLY flying into the car and causing a scene.
  • Alexa letting out a blood curling scream; Mike sitting with his legs up, me trying not the swerve off the road. We suck at these things.

  • RIP dragonfly. Sorry – we tried but you were bigger than my hand and there was no other way. Blame Mike.
  • Stopping in Amsterdam on the way home….
  • … only to realize that everything was closed. Labor Day. We’re idiots.
  • Making sure Cracker Barrel was open and stopping there. Heavenly.
  • Taking all the photos. I just love pictures.
  • Realizing that I never ever want Summer to end.

I really, truly am solar powered. The last two summers were spent mainly in the city with a trip to California for here. But these weekend getaways have been so refreshing and so perfect. I really am so thankful for them, and for the friends that have come up with us. The Adirondacks are really, truly, beautiful. No humidity, stars for days, and so many lakes to play in. We loved the boat because we were able to avoid the shorelines – no sand, no dirt. Just lake water! I definitely left a few memories out, and there are probably some typos but please forgive me. This week is going to be long, even though it’s a short work week! Lots to do and not a lot of time. Wish me luck!