The Greatest Weekend Getaway: Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks

Friday was Mike’s birthday, and we have been talking about renting a house with a bunch of our friends for a weekend getaway since forever. In June I decided to just take the reigns and get a house in the Adirondacks. Mike saw something about The Wild Walk, so I did a little research and rented a small cabin on Tupper Lake, about 6 hours north of NYC.  Best decision ever.

STOP. Before you read the rest of this please press play on the music video below … you have to understand the ridiculous fun we had this weekend.

I never want to forget the magic of this getaway and the non stop laughter that ensued. I’ll never forget…

whb road trip

  • Singing at the top of our lungs on the drive up
  • Justin singing soprano
  • Listening to basically the whole “Last Five Years” soundtrack
  • Meeting a cop who had no interest in ever going to New York City
  • Seeing stars and so many constellations
  • Waking up to freshly made, delicious donuts and scrambled eggs
  • Enjoying my morning coffee on the laketupperlake
  • Getting some Lake Flow on with Dimitri – nothing like a couple vinyasas on a dock to get your heart pumping!
  • Heading to the Wild Walk and seeing the Adirondacks tree tops without having to actually hike (SCORE!)
  • Hanging out with an Otter and a Falcon at the Wild Center!
  • Taking fun photos with Mike on The Wild Walk (thanks Kurt!)

the wild walk whbtravel

  • Grabbing lunch at a very cute, incredibly delicious fancy food store in town after realizing all the diners were closed
  • Renting our kayaks from locals who could not understand how two Filipinos, a blondie, a brunette, a gay man, a straight man, and a black guy ended up together (Random Friends?)
  • Kayaking from our dock to the middle of the lake, then through the marsh (scary!), then to the jumping cliffs!
  • Kayaking past lily pads and water lilies (I’ve never seen any out in the wild! Only at man made ponds)
  • Thinking we could all tread water easily and then realizing we were wrong
  • Emily saving the day and going back for the life jackets
  • Swimming in the lake as Dylan jumped from the cliffs and made friends with all the pre teens
  • The rest of us being way too scared to jump!

whbtravel kayaking

  • Realizing we had to kayak back and being soooo tired
  • Getting back to our adorable cabin and eating all the food
  • Having to ask the neighbors how to light the grill (sometimes we are bad at adulting)
  • Dylan grillin up the best burgers and Emily making a delicious salad
  • Dimitri live singing his hit single while in a towel
  • Watching the sun set

sunset on tupperlake whbtravels

  • Seeing the beauty of the sun on the lake
  • All eight of us basically in tears watching the sun sparkle on the water

sunset on tupperlake whbtravels

  • Thinking the sunset was over but then watching the clouds change colors again and again and again
  • The older couples on the property laughing at us “city kids” and our reactions

sunset on tupperlake whbtravels

  • Two yellow labs coming out onto the lake to play with us while the sun set
  • Alexa’s face when she was surrounded by puppies and the sunset
  • THIS:

sunset on tupperlake whbtravels

  • Lighting a camp fire and making smores while Kurt played his guitar
  • Meeting a dairy farmer grandma who crashed our party


  • The shock on my face when the dairy farmer said she had never been and had no interest in going to NYC ever
  • The shock on her face when she learned I had never held a gun in my life
  • The shock on Dylan’s face when he found out that her dairy farm sells to the people that make Heluva Good Dip
  • Waking up the next morning to enjoy more coffee on the lake
  • Packing up the cabin – what a great group; everyone lent a helping hand
  • Stopping in Long Lake on the way home; so many cute stores and antiques!
  • Eating dinner at Cracker Barrel (Alex and Kurt’s first time!)
  • Watching the sun set on the way home

hbdmikecourt whbtravels

This was the most magical vacation I’ve had in a long time. Mike and I have never really gone away with friends before, and although we were definitely sad that not everyone could make it we know we will be back time and time again. Most of my friends back home have uncles or families that own second houses – in New York none of us have anything like that! It was our first vacation with just friends and it was a wonderful group of people. If you feel so inclined, you can see more photos with the instagram hashtags #hbdmikecourt (insta blocked our original hashtag #assholesintheadirondacks lol) or see all of my travel photos at #whbtravels.

I hope that everyone else had a magical weekend – and judging from my news feed everyone did! I love how many smiles and sunshine filled photos flooded my news feed and instagram last night and this morning. We definitely won this August, world! Next step – Fall!