Keeping it short today.

I’m a little lost lately. I won’t bore you with the details, because it’s something I’m sure we can all relate to.

We’re all unsure of the future, a little bit scared of how things are panning out, a little bit nervous about how old we’re getting. But I’ve been feeling these things so much more lately. I’m so grateful to have Mike by my side, but sometimes I look around and realize I’m standing somewhere I never wanted to be: still living and working in NYC, fighting for opportunities, treading water, barely keeping afloat.

Sometimes at the end of a yoga class, the instructor will tell everyone to close their eyes and feel their happiest. Then she will ask us to envision what that happiness looks like if we had to give it circumstances. Who is there with us? Are you smiling on stage, receiving an award? Are you sitting on the beach with family? Are you staring at the stars? At a blue sky?

When I close my eyes and envision myself at my happiest I am always surprised at what pops into my head. I talk a big game about work and being self sufficient, but when I try to find the moment in my life that would bring me the most joy it is always this: Mike, sunshine, our future kids, and making pancakes.

The path can get a little confusing sometimes, but as long as whatever I’m doing leads me to those four things I know I’ll be okay. Do what matters, forget the rest.