Home for the Thanksgiving!

{Our first summer together vacationing in Central California}

I have lived in the Big Apple for seven years now. It’s insane to think about. I’ll always be a California Girl at heart, but I’m definitely a No-Nonsense New Yorker whether I like to admit it or not. The hardest part about living 3,000 miles away from everything I grew up with is being away from my family. Holidays and tradition are so important to me, so being home during all the holidays is something I definitely do not take for granted. I haven’t been home since last Christmas, which really stinks. Luckily I’m about to get my California on because Mike and I are headed west tomorrow!

Things I seriously can’t wait for:

  • family time
  • friend time
  • my grandma’s cooking
  • my mom’s cooking
  • In&Out
  • warmer weather
  • clean air!
  • the Pacific Ocean
  • the valley
  • the mountains

There are so many things I’m thankful for, but right now I am most thankful for being able to go home. Safe and happy travels everyone!