Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba Product Review Pt 2

Don’t we all have a crush on Jessica Alba? She is truly the only reason I gave Honest Beauty a second look. After enjoying the free trial of Honest Beauty I decided to test out two of their makeup products in addition to a powered version of the face cleanser. Yes, a powder face wash. SAY WHAT?! Don’t judge. Read on.


Tinted Moisturizer

Unfortunately we have to start things off on a bad note. This is the thickest tinted moisturizer to ever ever. I mean really sloppy, goopy thick. It feels like mud. I think this is because it’s all SPF everything but let me be very clear here: it is not good for my acne prone skin. I could feel breakouts happening almost as soon as I put it on. It’s also not spreadable to the point where I had to add water to it in order to apply it as I would regularly. The coverage is good, I’m sure it’s great protection against UV rays, but man oh man I am not able to wear this at all. I felt sticky and dirty every single time I wore this.


Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser

These powder cleansers are ideal mainly for travel. When I first saw them I was a little startled. Who uses powder cleansers? I don’t know if I’d ever even heard of them. Using them is fairly simple: you open the packet into your hands, add some water, lather, and then you have a cleanser. I got these mainly because I wanted to be able to put a pack or two in each purse and have them for just in case gym or sleepover scenarios. Being real: these take some getting used too. It’s a little strange “mixing” your cleanser and lathering it up before applying. And while this doesn’t smell nearly as wonderful as their gel counterpart, but it certainly leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

IMG_7223Luminizing Powder in Dawn Reflection

Honest Beauty doesn’t have a wide selection of makeup, but they definitely get it right with this Luminizing Powder. This is your average blush/highlighter combo, but the subtle sparkle is where they hit it on the nose: not too insanely noticeable, the perfect every day every girl highlight. Lots of highlighters feel like costume makeup, but this particular one only highlights when the light hits you just right.

Honest Beauty, I can’t quite figure you out yet. I wanted to like everything but the heavy tinted moisturizer just can’t be ignored. And while the powder cleanser is a fun new concept, it can’t compete with its liquid/gel sister. The luminizing powder gets it right, but I’m too burned from the moisturizer to want to purchase anything else. For now I’ll stick to their skincare products and let my non-organic makeup do the heavy lifting. Also sorry for the amount of times I said “honest” in this post.