Messy Beach Waves

InstaWave Automatic Curling Iron c/o of Kiss

My hair is pin freaking straight. I’ve written before about how blessed I am to have very easy to manage hair, and I’ll always be grateful for it. But the grass is always greener on the other side, right? I’ve always wanted tousled, touchable curls and often envy how messy-beautiful curly hair can be. When my hair is messy it’s just messy. Not touchable or light or voluminous and tousled. Just messy.

My standpoint has always been this: give me volume, give me waves, give me texture! It can be 30 degrees outside but I think messy beach wave hair is appropriate. I feel more like myself when my hair has some curl to it. But I am usually pressed for time and I am always lazy, so that’s where an automatic curling iron comes in. This Kiss InstaWave Curling Iron saves me time and gives me any kind of curl in any kind of direction I want. #Yaaaaasss

messy beach waves using the instawave curling iron on

As you can tell, I never like my curly hair to be perfect. I know I did a good job when people ask me if my hair is normally curly. My hair never looks soft or touchable when it’s pin straight.

When Kiss offered to send me the InstaWave I jumped on it immediately. I hate spending the time to wrap my hair around a wand, and to be honest I get a little confused about the direction I’m supposed to wrap it (toward my face? away from my face? over? under?). The InstaWave is an automatic curling iron. You. Guys. This changes the game.


The Easiest Thing To Use

So you literally put a section of your hair on the InstaWave. Then you move the patent pending curling dial to the left or the right, depending on which way to want the curls to go. Then the combs around the brush make sure there are no tangles. Yes, really. And THEN you remove the curling iron and you have MAGICAL PERFECT CURLS. All of this in about 8 seconds. No joke. It’s that easy. I’m out the door in 10 minutes, and curling my mane used to take me 20 minutes minimum.

To prove to you just how freaking easy this is to use, check out the video below:

A couple things to note:
  • It takes about 2 minutes to warm up but that is it.
  • The plug is three prong so make sure you have the right outlet or outlet extension.
  • The wand gets HOT so don’t leave your hair in it or else it will likely get some very unpretty damage.
  • It has an auto off button for idiots like me who forget to turn things off!

we heart beauty

You guys, I wish I could be even more detailed but the truth is that this product works and I am obsessed with it. It’s that simple, so it of course earns a five star rating from me. I used to only be able to curl my hair about once or twice a week, but now that I have a tool that makes it easy and gets the job done in half the time I’m able to get touchable, messy waves at least three or four times per week. Reminder: it does not have to be summer to rock beach waves. Beach waves in October are a real thing and I am all about them!

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curling Iron, c/o Kiss. Available at Ulta and for $59.99.