With Intention

Living life with purpose and intention is a concept that seems so second nature to me now. After all, when you’re coasting through life you’re going downhill. Having a path and a purpose is an idea that is not exactly new, but when you remind yourself of it post grad it usually has a different meaning. School has a specific purpose: get good grades, get into good classes, develop good relationships, excel at everything you can. Growing up in a dance and theater environment also gave me specific, tangible goals and deadlines. Learn the choreography, know it by heart, excel at that and everything you do on stage.

But when you “grow up” it can all feel a little bit different. You know how to succeed, but you have to start finding what you want to succeed at. Sometimes I’m bad at that. And sometimes I am so focused on my deadlines and my goals that I forget how to be purposeful about anything else.

Stop. Breathe. We Got This.

bepresent intention tattoo jess lively

Every now and then it’s nice to remind yourself that life is not deadlines. Life is not excelling at everything and being the best of the best. Sometimes life requires more than hustle and work ethic and energy. Sometimes life requires your presence. It requires your patience. And sometimes life requires a little bit of love and light.

It’s imperative to take a break from the requirements of the world and just be.

Last night during Yoga my focus was on being present. But sometimes it’s hard to be present when your present state of mind kind of sucks, you feel inflexible and fearful of hurting yourself, and you can’t seem to shake off your bad day. But maybe that feeling is telling me something. I had a bad day for a reason, what was bothering me, why was it bothering me? Normally I would not have explored my feelings. I would have buried them deep down underneath to do lists. But I was present, and I realized that even though it’s hard to accept your present state of mind it’s necessary.be patient with intention jess lively

These temporary tattoos by Jess Lively are great reminders for me throughout the day. I love wearing them while I practice, whether it’s in Yoga or Pilates.I first heard of Jess Lively because of her podcast show – it has featured two of my favorite humans ever: Lara Casey and Whitney English. Side Note: If you love these ladies I strongly suggest listening to their episodes. they are full of amazing motivational quotes, and it’s also so exciting to get to know them and how their businesses came to be!

Sometimes a bracelet or a crystal doesn’t do it for me: I need to see the words so I don’t get distracted. The #withintention tattoos are great for someone with a little bit of ADD like me. I can’t get caught up in the beauty of the beads or the quality of the pearls – instead I am able to focus on the words and discover what they mean, and what they mean to my life. They keep me grounded, remind me of my life intention (not just my current goals), and they’re really freaking pretty! With a lot on my plate and many deadlines that kind of scare me, I am truly grateful to have found such a simple but beautiful tool.

If you’re like me and you need to see the words, I got you. Here are some backgrounds inspired by this tattoos – 1 for your phone, 1 for your desktop. We. Got. This.

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And PS: I’m not affiliated with Jess Lively (although I get very excited when she comments on my instagram!) and I don’t get any money or freebies if you click on any of the above links. I just love the simple product she provides, and if you decide that you’d like one I am simply happy to have been the source that lead you there. :)