Just a Little Something…

I haven’t had an outfit post in a minute, so I figured I would do one to kick off the beautiful fall season! It’s definitely one of my favorite times for fashion, specifically because nothing is more exciting than leggings and sweaters, amirite? I feel like my fashion sense takes a serious nap all summer long, particularly because when it’s so hot no one cares if you accessorize or not. The crisp weather gives me a lot more room to play.


I’ve been rocking this green jacket since 2012, thanks to J. Crew Factory. It’s definitely a staple in my spring and fall wardrobe. I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the most flattering shape on me, but it’s cozy enough and adds a little bit more structure to my otherwise too-casual outfits.


Okay, so maybe this isn’t your average outfit post….


Finally, the secret is out! Yes, guys, the real reason I have been so stinking quiet on here is because my husband and I are expecting!

I am halfway through my pregnancy now; we are due at the end of February. I’m so excited that the cat is finally out of the bag and that I can now openly talk about everything: the ups, the downs, the insane body changes, etc! I don’t want this to become a pregnancy only blog, but of course this is something going on in my life right now so it will definitely impact some of the content on here. I’m also so sorry we kept it a secret for so long, but we really wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row before telling the whole world.

We’re so excited to meet our little one, and I’m so excited to be able to share my journey a little bit more.

Okay, I will stop saying the word “excited” now.

More to come, I promise!