A Different Beach Bag

The other weekend Mike and I were treated to a mini vacation with my cousins. We’d never been to Fire Island so when they asked if we would tag along we absolutely said yes! The day before we left a newly purchased kate spade new york bucket bag came in the mail, so obv I had to bring her along for the ride.

So normally I am really super duper late on trends. It takes me a good 9 months to get on board (ie: capes, peplum, and fur vests) and by the time I get on the band wagon it’s kind of old news. With this bucket bag trend, I decided to just shut up and do the damn thing. I’ve been wanting a new neutral cross body bag in order to retire my Kate Spade Saturday humungo bag, and I saw a few bloggers confessing their love for the bucket bag. While I loved my KS Saturday bag it was so big and so easy to fill that it did more harm that anything. It was stuffed with unnecessary crap and it hurt my shoulders no matter how I carried it. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you but like, just wanted to justify getting a new bag. Also I had a gift card from my siblings that needed to be spent. Needed. 

Kate Spade Bucket Bag

Kate Spade Bucket Bag

Kate Spade Bucket Bag, see similar

We really walked around Fire Island more than anything else. I collected a few sea shells and we played in the water a bit, but we didn’t lay down and certainly didn’t go for a real swim. This little bag is actually the perfect size – it fits a lot more than you would think, including all the sea shells I picked up that day. I might have gone a little bit insane with that, but my goodness I’ve never seen so many beautiful looks-like-it’s-already-a-necklace shells!

Fire Island Ocean Bay Park

This was a truly beautiful beach. The sand so smooth and the water was sparkling. Since Fire Island is kind of an adventure to get to it seems that the beach is less busy and therefore much cleaner. The weather was also pretty ideal for us: sunny but not too humid, so it was great for exploring. We had a great time walking from Ocean Bay Park through Sea View to Ocean Beach, and really loved spending time with my cousins and their little one. That was probably/definitely the last time we are going to be at the beach this year and it was a lovely send off. Hey, Summer… I’ll miss you! But here’s to a new season! And a new purse ;)