Packing Up: My Labor Day Look Book

Oh man. There was a moment yesterday when I was trying to train someone while texting a bunch of different people about schedule changes while trying to eat my salad and answer two different phone calls. And it was just like…. when will the weekend just be here already? I am so ready to GTFO. New York, you’re great and all but I would very much like to leave you for a while. Labor Day Weekend, you complete me. Not only do you give me an extra day off, but you also give me more online sales than a girl could ever dream of. Score!

We leave for the Adirondacks tomorrow afternoon (and yes, I know we’ll be fighting major traffic). I already have all my skincare essentials and toiletries, but now I’m in serious need of some Labor Day Lakeside Looks (alliteration with this holiday and theme is too easy. Love Labor Day on the Lake with Larisa. Lakeside Labor Day Love. Lake Life. Endless combinations. I’m dying). 

labor day pool donut highwaisted bikini we heart beauty

  • Swimwear is always a stressful topic for me. But working on your tan requires commitment and getting over one’s body issues so a simple black halter bikini top with some light support
  • … with this bikini bottom
  • or this one
  • or even this one will have to do. As long as it is high waisted and has a cute print I’m totally in.

PS:  Dear whoever made high waisted bikini bottoms a thing again, I LOVE YOU.

  • These HOT PINK CAT EAR SUNGLASSES are really more necessary than anything I’ve ever needed. Sorry if I sound super fcking annoying but if I had a spirit animal it would be THESE SUNGLASSES.
  • Obviously going to need an unmistakable beach towel (like this Aloha Spirit Velour Beach Towel) so no one tries to use mine . Can you tell I’m a control freak/germaphobe?
  • Can we also talk about this hot pink flamingo and this inflatable donut? Never knew I needed one, but clearly now I need both. And these ones are available for way cheaper than any pool float you can find on Urban. Hi next day shipping I love you.
  • Also going to bring my adorable Fuji White Instax Mini 25 Instant Camera because nothing says “millennial” like instagrams of polaroids, amirite?
  • Obv bringing my hiking shoes and some shorts. Probably wearing a lot of the same stuff from last time because like, #brokegirlproblems.
  • And finally, a comfy  plaid throw to curl up by the fire with.

I’m grateful to Labor Day weekend for the extra day off, but I’m also incredibly excited for all the online shopping deals. Seriously. My shopping addition has been put in its place (I’m saving for a wedding after all), but that financial sensibility might have to take a back seat this weekend. If we can get service on the lake, I’m coming for all of these sales:

  • There’s an amazing deal for $25 off any $100 purchase of Alex and Ani jewelry at (current favorite: The Heart Shaped Lotus Bangle). Ends 9/14.
  • Starting today is having the Big Brown Bag Sale where you can save up to 70% on select items. Ends 9/7.
  • Steve Madden is tempting me with their Labor Day Sale. Just thought about my scarf collection and while that’s ready for Fall my boot collection is lacking.
  • And after all the bad food I’m about to consume this weekend I’m already planning some new workout clothes are going to be in order. New Balance is having free 2 day shipping site wide. Score!
  • Plus: Up to 40% OFF at the NORDSTROM End-of-Summer Clearance Sale and New Arrivals from SAKS are up to 70% off. Yaaaas.

That’s all from me for now. I’m officially going to be signing off to get some serious work done before Friday afternoon hits. From then on out it’s VACATION MODE. Can’t friggin wait. Have the best weekend!

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