Life Lately

{photo by the fabulous Brandi of Alexis June Weddings}

I’d be lying to you if I said my blogging hiatus was intentional, or if I told you that my lack of posts doesn’t make me feel like a failure. I truly feel unfulfilled when I’m not writing regularly, so please believe me when I say I want to come back with all my heart. A lot has been going on and I have so so so much to share, but I’m still waiting for the stars to align before giving too much away. This quick post is simply to let you know I’m alive, and that I have been feeling so truly unfulfilled lately that I have started cooking dinner every night…. and baking?! Basically, I am not myself, and it is a very strange thing for me to be barefoot in the kitchen baking a berry crisp on a Tuesday night. I’ll be back soon with a lot more to say, trust. Until then – Happy Wednesday!