April 30th, 2016

Photo by Alexis June Weddings

It does feel like yesterday that we got engaged, or celebrated our anniversary. It’s incredible, and a little bit scary, how quickly this milestone came and went. But I’m finally ready to write about the whole day – everything that went right, went wrong, and the intense emotional roller coaster! The week of the wedding everything felt right: it didn’t go by too quickly. It just all happened. And it felt right, it felt like the timing was okay, and through the stress and the pressure and the lack of sleep I felt loved, I felt successful, I felt happy. But as the magic of that day and that week fade into the past I all of a sudden can’t believe it’s over.

I didn’t want this blog to be overwhelmed with wedding posts, and in truth I didn’t want to write about it all because I wanted to live it. I didn’t want to put together advice and what I’d take back and I wouldn’t change because it would be admitting that the day wasn’t actually perfect. But you know what? It was perfect. Despite all these very little things it was the celebration of a lifetime, and I’ll forever be grateful for it and for everyone who came to be a part of it.


The things I would change if I could:

  • I wouldn’t wear shoes with gems on the bottom. The detail was gorgeous but it caught on my dress every step of the way!
  • I would not have spent so much money on hair and makeup. I wanted to look perfect but in truth, no one can make you look exactly as you envisioned, even if you do have trials. I spent well over double what most people spend and I feel like an idiot for doing it.
  • I would have memorialized each and every conversation we had with the venue. We had some issues with a lot of changing staff  and what previous event managers had discussed with us.
  • I would have had everyone walk down the aisle much slower! Oh man, everyone was a speed demon, practically running down the aisle lol!
  • I would have trusted my instincts about my makeup. I didn’t bring my own trusty touch up kit and used the one the makeup artist gave me. I regret it more than I can say.
  • I would have used fake flowers for my hair. The flowers in my hair died by the time we had our first dance. It’s so awkward in the reception pictures!
  • I wouldn’t have let my body anxiety get the best of me. I wore a veil for family photos and I don’t like the way it looked. I did this so the veil would cover my arms, but in the photos without the veil I look so much better, so much more natural, and so much more like myself. I wish I had put my body fears aside!

The word Bridezilla is just a mean term that people use to try and get you to shut up and act like a fairy tale princess. But what is the point of spending thousands of dollars to just play nice with people? There were some vendors that made me feel like I was asking for too much when, in reality, I was asking them to do what was clearly written about in the contract. My biggest piece of advice is to not let the fear of being called Bridezilla make you turn into an agreeable, timid child-like bride. People are going to try and take advantage of you and your niceness. But don’t let them! You are a paying customer and deserve as much love and attention as any of their other customers, brides or not.


The things I wouldn’t dare change:

  • Our rehearsal dinner was the most magical time. We got everyone so many fun gifts and our friends and families were invited to make speeches about us. Everyone was crying – it was ridiculous and the most emotional rehearsal dinner ever?
  • The food the morning of. We had breakfast and lunch catered so none of our bridal party would get hangry, and I think it was one of the best decisions we made.
  • Doing a first look. It was nice to easy our anxiety and see each other before the ceremony. It also made it so guests would be able to go from church to cocktail hour without waiting in between for us to do photos after the ceremony.
  • Our snap chat filters! They were a fun way to add a little something special to the day. We had three different filters for each location: hotel, church, and reception. It was so much fun to go through snaps that night and the next morning!
  • The music. I was able to select basically all of the music. We had a power ballad moment, we had lots of 90s music, and the DJ even obliged to my High School Musical request. We received non stop compliments about how much fun it was!
  • The photographer. Our photographer at Alexis June Weddings was truly phenomenal. I can’t really put into words how comfortable she made us feel and how genuine and sweet she was.

The wedding showed me so many things, but specifically: who my real friends are and how amazing my family is. The people who are really there for you, who care about you and your future spouse, will all show up with open arms no matter what. My family and friends have full time jobs, children, babies under the age of 3, and other responsibilities. But they love and support me and Mike’s relationship so much that they were more than willing to help.


I used to severely underestimate everyone: no one will want to come to this wedding or no one will want to be “put to work” to help me with all my ridiculous DIY nonsense. No one else will care that much! And while this is mostly true, my best friends and my family care about me. So they care about the heart hole punches and the over the top wedding favors and the gold spray paint and the perfect ribbons.

My best friends are not just my best friends. They are the most caring people on this planet. I never imagined in a million years that people would give two shits about me, or two shits about me and Mike. But it’s really the best part about our wedding: so many people from all over showed up and helped out. My friends were drunk but still helped us hang cranes for the reception hall. And the morning after the wedding they showed up, again, to hang flowers from the ceiling for the morning after brunch. Who does that?! I’ve never felt so loved, and truly, Mike and I are so thankful to be surrounded by people who love and support our relationship unconditionally.


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