Local Beauty Buys in NYC

I can’t lie. I had a hard weekend, guys. So hard that I’m still reeling from it and it’s Wednesday. I’ve been working 7 days a week, full 8-10 hour days without any time off and I’m really losing it. The only way I can really calm myself down lately is by taking a relaxing bath at the end of a very long day. I’ve been on a local beauty kick for quite some time now and just realized that I haven’t given my favorite products and places any love. So here’s making up for that.

Some days I’m all SUPPORT LOCAL! & other days I’m like meh it’s so expensive I’m too tired to source all this stuff. But for the amount of product you receive and the quality ingredients they are made with, getting local beauty buys in NYC is actually very easy to do.


You know those “customize your own bath product” stores? I had never stepped foot into one. This past summer I walked passed Soapology, where they were giving away small samples of their body butters. It was my birthday so I decided to treat myself to their free hand treatment, where I was able to test most of their products.¬† Normally I don’t really splurge on these kinds of things (I’m a drug store kind of gal if you hadn’t noticed) but since it was my birthday I figured I might as well.

Best decision ever.

local beauty buys weheartbeauty soapology nyc organic vegan shower bath products based in NYC

I purchased their shower gel in a custom scent, and the dead sea face mask. I had a bit of sticker shock for a hot second because the sales lady reminded me that a mask at Sephora costs the same but is much smaller. True.

Deciding on which scents to combine was so much fun, and really eye opening in terms of realizing what I actually like. I thought I would be a fan of vanilla, but it smelled like a 12 year old and was way too sweet. I settled on a combination of Fig and Lavender & Fresh Herbs. together they make the perfect fresh scent that I absolutely love. The shower gel itself is moisturizing without being too creamy, which has been perfect for the summer and Fall months. When the temps start to actually drop (not this fake cold we’ve been getting here in NYC) I’ll have to switch back to a richer, creamier formula. But until then I am loving my custom shower gel.

Little Soap Shop in Astoria

This place is near and dear to my heart because it’s located in Queens, which is where I’ve been living for the past 8 years. The Little Soap Shop is a super small hole-in-the-wall store that I actually found while browsing instagram. When my mom was in town this past September we went to get some Bridesmaid gifts, and I couldn’t help but get myself a couple of products.

little soap shop astoria handmade sugar scrub

Having super smooth and soft skin is a process, people. I had been neglecting to fully care for my skin in recent months so I made sure to pick up a Handmade Sugar Scrub and Shea Butter Therapy Cream. Together they work wonders, and for a truly wonderful price.

I use both of these products about once a week: the scrub in the shower followed by the cream as soon as I step out, while my skin is still wet. The cream is definitely¬†thick¬†so I always have to make sure to use it on wet skin in order to have it fully sink in. Let me tell you: my skin has never been more touchable. It’s amazing what this simple addition to my routine has done for me and I’m really looking forward to continuing the routine in the Winter.

Sometimes a day off isn’t in the cards, but a relaxing bath is definitely the one thing I made damn sure to work into my agenda. And while I’ll always love my Sephora and other big brands I am very pleased to say that I’ve found some great local beauty buys at reasonable prices. I’m much happier to support local businesses, especially when their products are that much better and that much more affordable! Everybody wins.

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The Little Soap Shop In Astoria – $20 for Handmade Sugar Scrub // $20 for Hand Whipped Shea Butter Intense Therapy Cream

Soapology NYC – $20 for Custom Scented or Unscented Shower Gel // Dead Sea Mud Mask, unavailable online