Matte Manicure

The easiest way for me to fake chic-and-put-together? A manicure. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing leggings and a hoodie: if my nails are done, I’m good to go. Now add in some extra cool girl factor like a matte manicure, and I can basically wear pajamas all day long and still feel like an adult.

big matte top coat manicure

If you can believe it, I have no freaking clue what brand or color the gray shade is. A friend gave it to me a couple years back as a gift, but like…. no clue who or what or anything. #BloggerFail lol. BUT that big matte top coat? That’s Sally Hansen (obviously). It dries quickly, you can see it working, and it’s only $5.99! Score!

Having my nails and hair done, plus a little eyeliner goes a long way for those mornings when my alarm clock just doesn’t seem to work. Which happens more than I’d like to admit!