Morning Reads v3

Oh man – I’ve been slacking with my required reading lately. Too much Buzzfeed!

1. “The Lives of Millennial Career Jugglers” by Sheila Marikar on Apparently I’m not alone! My life as a Blogger/Brand Builder/Cat Enthusiast/Marketing Associate/Fitness Studio Director is fairly common. And with good reason.

Unlike the legions of Americans who work several jobs out of necessity, these young people elect to stretch themselves thin. While one job usually pays the bills, another gig provides a more creative outlet. More than hobbyists, these career jugglers consider their cocktail of roles essential to their well-being and dismiss the notion that they ought to focus on one thing for the rest of their adult lives as boring and antiquated.

2. “The Secret to Succeeding at Work-Life Integration” by Shana Lebowitz on However, my multiple careers means I am always bringing my work home. But this article discusses in helpful detail how to integrate work into my life so they’re not separate, but balanced and in harmony with one another.

3. “Why You Don’t Have To Be An Owner To Be An Entrepreneur” by Lindsay Broder on I’m at my best when I can see clearly the direct value I add to any project or company. After a few years working in the corporate world, I wasn’t able to be successful because I viewed myself as a drone and not as someone who felt a sense of ownership. My current position is truly my dream job, and one of the main things I’ve learned is about taking ownership: just because you don’t actually own part of a business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take responsibility like you do. I produce much better results this way, and am much more fulfilled this way.

4. “The Link Between Your Commute and Your Life Satisfaction” by Amy Morin on I was JUST telling my parents this the other day: the commute for me is always the biggest issue. If you doubled my salary but I had to take the train 60 minutes to work, plus a bus, I wouldn’t do it. I need to be close to my job so I can give my all to it. I can’t spend 2-3 hours of my day on the train. I tried it for years and was AWFUL at it!

4. “29 Things I’ve Learned in My 20s” by Hallie on Corals + Cognacs: I’ve been following Hallie’s blog for the past four years or so. During this time I’ve admired her wardrobe and been incredibly jealous of her travels. With this new post about her upcoming birthday and her lessons learned, I now openly admire her love for life and new experiences. We’re all learning something new every single day.