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{New favorite pastime: pretending I’m a home owner and reading decor books}

I had one hell of a weekend. So much so that this week FLEW BY and I can’t even believe it’s already Thursday! I have so many exciting things coming up and so many projects that I’m barely staying afloat…. I’m finalizing our Save the Dates, meeting with a photographer and a florist within the next week, plus I’m planning our next visit to California for my brother’s high school graduation. Luckily the weather has gotten much nicer, and there’s no greater feeling than leaving the office while the sun is still out. As always, here’s your weekly dose of click bait and almost-the-weekend procrastination. Happy Thursday, y’all!


1. How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated by Rebecca Knight on Workplace burn out is so real. I didn’t believe the rumors until I went through it myself. Regardless of how much you love your job, burning out does happen and it absolutely makes you less effective. No matter how good your intentions are, we’re all human and we all need our breaks. It’s important to schedule some downtime or a breather every single day.

2. You Don’t Create Your Company’s Brand — You Discover It by Matt Hanses on

A company with poor branding is throwing away marketing dollars. Why? Because without a focused message, companies weak in branding are invisible. Nobody remembers them and they blend in. They become just another leaf swirling in the wind, amid all those marketing messages consumers see each day.

There are so many marketing and branding experts out there in the world, and it can be very overwhelming. But the person who knows your business brand best is you. It’s imperative to define your company’s mission, values, and culture. I’m meeting with two new clients for weheartbranding this weekend and this article really helps drive home what I love about what I do: branding is personal. It takes soul searching. It needs to be discovered, not created. It’s time consuming and a lot of hard work, but once you can define what you stand for you can plan and build it.

2. Poor Little It Girl – Home Tour by Erin Lepperd on This hardly counts as “reading” I know, but I just adore Poor Little It Girl’s style and taste! I live with not one, but two boys, so I try very hard to find that decorative balance between chic and functional. I love how Cathy’s emerald colored bedroom and white living room reflect both her and her boyfriend’s personalities without being overwhelmingly one or the other.

image via
image via

3. Divorce Didn’t Stop Me From Starting a Wedding Magazine by Lara Casey on Huffington Post:  I am a huge fan of Lara Casey. Everyone has struggles and everyone has parts of their past that kind of stink, but what is remarkable about Lara Casey is her ability to genuinely accept it and overcome it so openly. I would never be strong enough to share the pains of my past (and present) so openly, but I’m so thankful for women like Lara who are able to do what I’m not strong enough to. By her being genuine about her past she inspires me to live life with a full heart. You can read even more about her journey here.


  • My review on Lara Casey’s PowerSheets got some extra love this week thanks to The Lara Casey Shop’s shoutout on instagram. I know many of you have purchased these sheets because of this review and I am so excited for you! Please share your progress with me by tagging me in your photos or writing on my facebook wall. Don’t forget to tag Lara Casey in them too!
  • In case you missed it, read about my wedding updates (and okay, a few complaints) here.
  • It’s been over a year since I posted a home tour. But to be honest, not much has changed since then. We’ve incorporated the keyboard back in the living room and got a new coffee table, but that’s about it!

Once my Save the Dates are out I’ll be sure to post the funny story behind them, plus the DIY elements we’re incorporating. Plus, my Today and To-Do from Whitney English and the Day Designer team just got in! I can feel a review coming very soon! Hope you all have an amazing weekend. xox!