Motherhood Update: Ivy at Five Months

Ivy had some of the most exciting growth from month four to five. Although she was a little shy for this particular photo shoot, don’t let that fool you! She is full love smile and giggles, and particularly enjoys slapstick comedy which is both hilarious and difficult to keep up with! Lots of exciting milestones, including…

Foot to Mouth Connection!

She was thisclose to getting her foot in her mouth at the tail end of last month, but as soon as she was 4 months old she did it like a champ. It’s as adorable and as hilarious as it sounds!

Photo by NPE Photography

Lots of Family Fun

My aunt, mom, and sister came to visit this month! We have a really fun family dynamic – my mom is 13 years older than her sister, my aunt is 14 years older than me, I’m 13 years older than my sister, and my sister is 14 years older than my daughter! It’s one of my favorite things about my family, and the main reason I was so excited that Ivy was a girl! I wanted to take full advantage of the strong sister/aunt connection we have.

My aunt had never met Ivy before, but since we talk on the phone fairly often and I always have her on speaker, Ivy pretty much knew who she was! Having my sister here felt very full circle. When I was her age I babysat her regularly, so having her home with me for 2 weeks to help out around the house and watch the baby while I worked was my little version of payback. I loved seeing them together, dressing them in matching outfits, and just having my sister be with me for an extended period of time.

Photo by NPE Photography

 All The Laughter

This month was the first time Ivy actually laughed at me and not with me, lol! My sister and I were cleaning her bedroom and she was doing tummy time in her crib when I dropped something. Ivy thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world, so now I throw and drop things with sound effects to get her to laugh all the time. It’s nuts what I’ll do to make her smile!

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Photos by NPE Photography

 Officially on the Roll

Before my family came to town I put Ivy on her back under a play gym so I could hang a new shower curtain. When I came back she on her belly, totally off the play mat! I didn’t see it happen, but obviously, she was moving! She’s not quite sitting up on her own yet, but she rolls over from back to belly all the time. One of my besties actually saw it before me or Mike did, on the same day I was hanging the shower curtains. Then my aunt saw it, then I finally was able to catch her in the act!

Teething + Drooling

She. is. drooling! My oh my! I’m glad I went a little nuts and bought a thousand bibs because even when I wash them once a day, I always feel like we are out!

Teething + Sleeping

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Ivy now consistently wakes up for a feed anywhere from 2am to 5:30am. It didn’t start until she was definitely teething, and now that she is I can’t tell if she wakes from discomfort from her gums or because she thinks it is her new routine. She isn’t sad about it during the day, she’s just always eating a toy… or two!

Teething + Tasting Everything

My favorite thing she does right now is when she has one toy in each hand. She’ll look at them and then make the decision to bite one, and the face she makes and how wide she opens her mouth gets me every single time! It also never gets old. Seriously, I’m home with her all day and she will do it a million times and I LOL and snapchat it pretty much always.

Our favorite things this month:


Lamaze Toys and other “crinkle paper” toys: I originally got all these muted fancy Instagram style toys, but the truth is that babies want something fun they can chomp on. Ivy’s favorites are her Lazmaze toys: Jaque the Peacock , and Freddie the Firefly are her besties. Their “wings” are made of that “crinkle paper” and that texture is her favorite to munch!

SkipHop Bouncer: My sister in law got us the Skip Hop Activity Center, and it has proven to be perfect for Ivy! She loves to stand, bounce, spin, and play with/try to devour the different toys. My only issue is that it doesn’t fold and put away, so it makes the baby living room take over a little more obvious. Right now it hangs out in the foyer so I can plop her in while I’m doing chores in the kitchen or getting ready in the morning. It has helped her gain so much strength and she can spend 30 minutes in it, which is a great break for me!

Summer Infant SuperSeat: This SuperSeat was actually a hand-me-down from my cousins, and Ivy has taken to it like you wouldn’t believe. It’s great because it has all the toys for her to enjoy, and it can eventually be used as a booster seat.

Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket: I got lost in Brooklyn twice in July – walking a full mile in the wrong direction both times like only I can. When we finally made it to our outdoor destinations, I was happy to pull out our Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket. It’s beautiful, and the waterproof backing and convenient fold make clean-up easy.

Soft Wooden Floor Tiles:  In our smaller NYC apartment, it is hard to give up your adult spaces for all the baby things. I knew I wanted a soft mat for tummy time and playtime in general, but I also knew I didn’t want it to be circus themed. Our Soft Wooden Floor Tiles blend seamlessly with our actual hardwood, meaning I can keep it out overnight and not feel like we’re guests in Ivy’s home.

I can’t believe my girl is already 5 months old! But each month brings on more fun and milesteons than the last, so we’re loving every second.