Motherhood Update: Ivy at Four Months

Ya baby is big, chunky, and perfect. This month was filled with milestones, smiles and laughter… moments that have made my heart explode with so much joy. I’m obsessed with my daughter and not afraid to show it! Here’s a little update on the past month.

  • Ivy officially recognizes faces now, and isn’t too thrilled when someone she isn’t into holds her right away. We had a couple times where she just was not feeling a new environment and cried non-stop. For now, either Mike or I try to hold her while she soaks in her surroundings for about 30 minutes before we pass her on to someone. Whether it’s a face she sees on a weekly basis or a new person, she takes a while to warm up!
  • I also notice she is SUPER talkative and active after coming home from a walk or from a long day out. She will giggle and smile and sing as soon as we get home, while I’m putting the diaper bag away and doing various chores. It’s funny – I wonder if we have the kind of girl who is going to be super shy unless she is home.
  • Tummy Time QUEEN: She spends most of her mornings and afternoons on her belly now, and it’s definitely adding up! If I have her facing one way but I am on the other side she will eventually spin about half way to see me. She also is able to roll from her belly to her back, which she has done before but is now doing on a daily basis.
  • Someone found their feet! We have yet to see a foot in mouth moment, but holy cow she loves her feet! And she loves to be tickled in her thighs and kissed on her neck. The laughs are HUGE when this happens.
  • Her skin has gotten much better. The doctor actually has us give her a bath nightly and then slather her with aquaphor and that seems to be helping a lot.
  • We’re still breastfeeding exclusively, and she will take a bottle when I’m not around. We’re going to start trying to have Mike feed her from a bottle with expressed breastmilk every night to allow them more time together and to make weaning her a bit easier when the time comes.
  • She is still sleeping like a CHAMP, which is so awesome for us. Love having such a great girl who sleeps through the night! The funniest part, though? She prefers to nap in our bed. So I let her! She will sleep 9-10 hours uninterrupted in her bassinet, but she can’t stay asleep in that during the day.
  • Since I’m breastfeeding it has been easier to do a truly baby-led schedule, and I do find it is generally the same. The only time frame that never changes is her bedtime: almost always 8/8:30pm. We bathe, we lotion, we read, we feed, and then she’s usually out.
  • She will often have a morning nap for a good chunk of time, but we both have a hard time making it consistent. Mainly because I will sometimes work late in the evening so I’ll be sleeping in until 9:30am or so. My wake up time is never the same, and I think it messes with her. BUT it’s what you gotta do when you’re working from home!

May into June was my favorite month with her thus far – she has been so much fun and has been able to really love and understand what’s been going on. AND I’ve been so fully healed from the c-section that it makes things a lot easier on me. The giggles, the smiles, the huge personality … these are the moments┬áthat everyone talks about! I’m so excited for the summer with this girl, I truly can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have together.