Motherhood Update: Ivy And I at Three Months

I know how time works but I have a really difficult time comprehending it anyway. When I was pregnant, the first three months were the longest months ever. But now that she’s here, the past three months has absolutely flown by – I can’t believe Ivy is already 3 months old!

Baby’s Month:

Ivy had a lot of fun this past month! My mom was in town for a full week, and during that time we had a lot of firsts, including our first time dining out at a random restaurant and our first time at a mall together (lol!). It was also hot as HELL so it was everyone’s first time dealing with each other in the 90 degree heat. We are slowly getting used to discovering the world outside on a regular basis, but I do notice that sometimes it’s too exciting and she starts to get overstimulated if we’re not careful.

Baby’s Development

She gets more and more comfortable with tummy time – right now she’s hanging out on her belly about 40 minutes a day. I have enough small toys to keep her company while she’s doing it, which has definitely helped.

lebebecourtienWe notice she is trying to get some rockhard abs – she doesn’t have full head control yet but really doesn’t like laying down flat too much anymore. When she’s in her bouncer she is always doing little sit-ups, which is both adorable and totally nuts. I love how she is getting more used to her body.

She started cooing a lot more, and smiling a lot more! She absolutely loves when we hold her hands and make them “clap” together – the smiles and laughter are too adorable for words.


We’re still going strong and exclusively breastfeeding. I made it to the 3 month mark, which is exactly where I wanted to be with breastfeeding. She does take a bottle whenever I’m out so we’ll be able to wean her, which I plan to do around 6 months. She doesn’t take a pacifier yet, which I’m wondering if we’ll need to push more since I am nervous she has started to find her thumb! Eek!


We had a rough patch of sleeping towards the end of the month – she used to have really predictable naps, and when I would rock her to sleep she would be able to stay asleep for at least an hour – sometimes three. Now she has a hard time staying asleep, napping for only 30-40 minutes at a time. It’s made our days a little bit weird, but I’m hoping she falls back into good napping habits again.

She now almost always sleeps through the night. When we don’t have the noise machine on, she’ll wake up around 4:30am. But if we remember to put that on she sleeps soundly until 7:30 or 8:30am, which is awesome! I’m one well rested, incredibly happy mama.

My Month:


It’s been very difficult for me to watch my entire world change, to be totally honest. This month felt more difficult because I started to understand that the changes I’ve made (like working from home) are permanent. I’ve always proudly maintained my independence, so although I know this is the right thing to do for my family and it’s the kind of mother I want to be, it has been difficult for me lately.

I do notice that working from home has presented its own share of challenges that I was not anticipating. My cousin put it best… there is something that feels so wrong about benig home all day and having the house be messy. It’s so true: I always try and tackle the housework because I can’t stand to let the dishes go or have gross floors (thanks to my cat). But I’ve been trying to train myself to not put too much into the housework and let that stuff go until the evenings. If I wanted to, I’d spend all morning cleaning and then I would truly get nothing done. My husband has been such a wonderful help with all of this – sometimes it’s hard for me to get any work done with the baby, so when he comes home and sees the house doesn’t look its best he picks up my slack. #blessed


I’m a brat and haven’t been back to working out at all yet. We’re just walking around the neighborhood when there’s time, but honestly? I’m drowning in so much work that my physical health is no important to me yet. I’m never going to “get my body back” because, being honest here, I didn’t love that body anyway. My thighs have always touched and my booty has always been big. I’m embracing my curves and stretch marks and hoping that I can regain some strength along the way, but right now I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Still can’t believe it’s been three months! If you want more motherhood updates and sneak peeks, we’re always gramming. Follow along!