Motherhood Update: Ivy And I at Two Months

I’ve loved reading other bloggers’ monthly recaps but, boy are they hard to do! Any moment I get to sit down and write has generally been dedicated to my client work so this post is a week late. But I love being able to track our ever changing life right now and already feel so emotional knowing how quickly time is passing.

Baby’s Development:

Ivy has been killing the tummy time game. She really does get higher and stay up longer each time, which is awesome to watch. I feel like as grown ups when we work out it’s so hard to track our progress, but with a baby that grows so quickly, you can really see it all change right before your eyes. Instant gratification much?

She makes all the eye contact now! And when she wakes up in the mornings she is so playful and smiles non-stop. It is really the most adorable time seeing her gummy wide smile and hearing her giggles. We love playing with her and having our own special moments with her. I love seeing Mike make different faces and noises at her than I do – it’s so adorable watching what a special bondthey have.

She loves playing with her play gyms, especially the one in her bassinet. We have it so there’s this little felt lion hanging right above her, and she always manages to knock him down! Basically she’s a hunter.

And the sweet sounds that she makes – so much singing, and cooing, and talking to us in general! I love hearing her play by herself and all the little shouts of joy! It’s really my favorite thing. I love asking her questions and making noises at her and hearing her repeat what she can and invent new noises on a daily basis.

At her 2 month check up all was well, and the doctor was impressed and very pleased with how strong she is and how well things are going.


I’m still so lucky to be able to exclusively breastfeed her. Luckily my milk supply is great and Ivy is doing a great job. I’m sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop but I’m really proud of how far we’ve come. My initial goal was to be able to nurse for 1 month, now it’s to nurse it for 3 months. I’m excited because I think it will actually happen!


weheartbeauty babyThis month our amazing dream boat of a baby started sleeping long stretches at night. I’m talking 6 to 7 hours! We stopped co-sleeping with her probably right when she turned 1 month old and she now sleeps soundly in her bassinet. She knows when it is night time and she is able to put herself to sleep now. Every other night she’ll either sleep a whole 6-7 hours, or do 4 hours then wake up to feed around 4:30am, then go back down for another 3 hours. I am so lucky because I have been able to get some great sleep! She sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom, and we’ll definitely keep her there for a while because we aren’t sure if her bedroom temperature will be able to easily regulate when it gets hot this summer.

She isn’t the best napper though. Most babies have naps that last 3-4 hours, but poor Ivy always wakes herself up after 30 minutes or an hour. It’s hard for me to get work done this way, plus she needs to be getting 15-17 hours of sleep! She definitely has not been. To try and help I was wearing her in the baby carrier to stretch out her daytime sleep to 2-3 hours. She sleeps so well at night that I don’t mind helping her nap during the day. But of course, this is not realistic so I’m trying some new ways to get her to sleep on her own during the day.

Baby’s Month:

weheartbeauty babyWe had a really great month, including the celebration of Ivy’s Baptism. She was only 6 weeks old when we did it! Most families wait until the baby is 3-4 months old, but we were originally planning on flying out to California at the end of May and she would barely be 3 months old. So I wanted to make sure she was baptized before then. But unfortunately after discussing it with the pediatrician, it was decided that it just wouldn’t be a good idea to put her on an airplane for 6 hours when she was this young. It was a hard decision, especially because we’ll be missing my good friend’s wedding and missing my cousins from Hawaii who were planning their visit to coincide with ours. But when we spoke to her doctor it just became clear that the best thing for Ivy would be to stay put.

Other fun things that happened this month:

  • Lots of pooping.
  • Some very unhappy baths – our girl is not a fan of bath time.
  • Her first mass. It didn’t go well, I had to leave and go to the car to feed her and of course change a poopy diaper (excellent timing).
  • Spending time with her great-grandma! My grandmother came to town for 3 weeks and spent lots of quality time with Ivy. It was so special to see how much Ivy loves her!
  • Meeting the rest of her uncles and her aunt! My siblings came to town for the baptism and got to meet Ivy and it was so cute to see them all bond. And also be horrified that their older sister is a mom. 
  • Ivy’s First Easter!
My Month:

I’m getting a lot more comfortable as a mother, not just in my own home but when we are out and about. I really am not a fan of the stress it causes me when we have to leave the apartment – all the diaper bags and extra clothes and how the nursing schedule gets all messed up and I end up in a little pain.weheartbeauty baby

My body is finally more normal again, and the incision area is no longer as sore as it was which is awesome. I’m able to fully lather my body with my favorite oils and lotions after a shower, and I’m able to take walks around the neighborhood without being in pain. It’s been great. My mom even came to visit and was doing lots of cooking and cleaning and I had to remind her that I’m mostly recovered, so she didn’t have to! I was sleeping and I can actually use my abs and my body again so I can do housework, which I never thought I’d be so happy to do.

I’m also officially working from home now, and I’m loving it. It’s been challenging to find a good balance and compromise but luckily Ivy is the best baby ever. She entertains herself so well and only cries as genuine communication – if she wants to sit in a different spot, is hungry or wet, or is ready to be asleep but having a hard time. It makes my office hours unpredictable but I still get lots of work done which is awesome.

weheartbeauty baby

In general, I am more in love with motherhood and my little girl than I ever thought possible. I truly wake up feeling so lucky and so in love every day.