Moving Out Pt1

So you might have seen on Instagram, but we are moving! And oh man. Honesty Time: Moving is hard, no matter what way you do it. We are moving down the block from our current apartment. It’s pretty convenient. We’ve been packing up the items we don’t need right away, walking or driving them over, and unloading and unpacking so we’re able to save on boxes since we can keep reusing the same ones, which is nice. But what’s not so nice? How long the process is. I live amongst boxes and clutter no matter where we are. It’s driving me insane.

However, we are beyond blessed to be getting out of our current place and we are beyond grateful to our families for their help and support. We had to pull out all the stops and ask for all kinds of favors to get this place, so we are incredibly appreciative of the help our parents are providing.

The most I ever moved was my clothing and some toiletries from apartment to apartment in college. I’ve never moved an entire household worth of things. This whole week I will be writing about the craziness of this all… and it’s pretty crazy!

Living Room

Please meet our new living room/kitchen area. What’s weird? There are two front doors: one leading to the hallway and one leading to the stairwell. You can access the hallway and the stairwell without issue from the outside, so truly the second door serves no purpose. It’s very strange if you ask me! Since we were able to get the place before moving, we went in to measure and tape out where all the furniture is going to go. It’s been helpful to map everything out so we know what to sell and what to keep.

Our new place is essentially an upgrade from our current. It has a very similar layout to our current apartment, but it’s in a better building and is a newly renovated unit. New kitchen appliances, granite counter tops, real wood floors, etc. There are a few small changes that we have to make in order to accommodate the fact that it is, indeed, a smaller unit that we are used to. We’ve lived in an-abnormally-large-for-NY apartment for almost 4 years, so downsizing is taking more effort than I imagined.  Some of the changes we need to make are:

1. Getting rid of my beloved home office

home office

This is hard. I’m depressed thinking about it. But the time has come: I’m trading in my office space for stainless steel appliances. It will be okay, right? My desk at home hasn’t been used much since I started working full time, but I still sit there whenever I can to work from home. I love the window on the right, I love the inspiration board, I love it all. But downsizing means that a home office officially makes zero sense.

But I can’t exactly chuck all my office supplies or important files even though we really don’t have an area we can dedicate to it. The answer? An in-the-living-room computer armoire. I don’t normally like these kinds of things at all, but I definitely understand the benefit when living in a small apartment. I’ll be able to work when I need to, but close the doors and put the work away when it’s time. Budgeting for this is putting a dent in our finances (isn’t everything?) so right now this is just sitting on my wish list. It fits perfectly in our living room area (most others I looked at are way too big) and it is the best bang for our buck. Next paycheck, where art thou?!

2. Upgrading our seasonal storage

We usually just put our winter items in the back of the closet, but my sister in law mentioned Space Bags and I haven’t been able to look back. Let’s just say I’ve been to two different Targets in the past two days to grab these Ziploc Space Bags. It has made packing our clothes and pre-storing our winter items so much easier than I ever imagined. And living in a small space means that every inch of space is precious. This will definitely free up our closets and drawers.

Side Note: Do I sound like an old lady infomercial? I feel like one. Anyway, moving on…

3. Getting rid of everything I truly don’t wear

Fine. I’m kind of a hoarder. I keep all my clothes, even if I only wore something once in 2011. But my style has evolved so much since then, so really and truly I need to purge the things I don’t need. I’m on PoshMark for now, and I’m planning on hitting up Beacon’s Closet to drop off some of the things that I can’t hold on to. If you’re in the market for some new jewelry or clothes please check it out!

These are only three changes, but they’re anything but small. Sorting through files, clothes, and jewelry is time consuming and exhausting when you’re trying to work full time, freelance part time, and plan a wedding. I used to laugh at people who complained about moving, but holy smokes no one was kidding! This is difficult stuff!