Moving Out Pt2

If you missed yesterday’s post, let me bring you up to speed: We’re moving down the street and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Okay, now it’s time for the fun stuff. INTERIOR FREAKING DESIGN.

This is the literal plan for the living room. It’s actually that color paint. I bought those curtains. We bought those couches. That’s our new pink Target lamp in the corner and our current white Target lamp in the other corner. That’s our Ikea coffee table. Those are our storage ottomans. I have all those throw pillows. This is literally how the apartment will look.

PS: I just showed this to Mike and he looked at me like I need a shot in the head. This move is making me crazy.

I’ll admit: The decor is different from what I initially intended. The pillows make it a little too preppy for me. We’re ditching the accent wall. I am really into this removable wallpaper that I’m hoping we can save up enough money for, but in the mean time an accent-less wall is just going to have to do. #basic. The wall art we have will add a nice edge and color variation because, yes, I have a problem with the color gray. I love it. I wanna marry it. It’s my fave ever. So we painted the living room and kitchen area gray. And we bought gray couches. I know this was wrong but like……… too bad. I love it.

View more photos from the apartment tour
View more photos from the apartment tour here

If you know me you know I take great pride in having a nicely decorated apartment. I lived with several different room mates throughout my 4 years in college, and I was unable to come to a common cohesive ground with them regarding decorating the common spaces. So when my current roomies and I first moved in together, the boys allow me to be “creative director” of the apartment. No need to mass text everyone asking if they liked this lamp or that lamp or this poster or that poster. It’s basically the best.

I do my best not to make it too girly and to incorporate art work that reflects on their interests as well as mine. I have worked for four years to make our home a nice place to live. I trolled craigslist like a pro to get the best furniture deals, I bought picture frame after picture frame so we could hang our favorite pop culture art. My love of stripes worked its way from my closet to the living room. It worked, and I’m going to miss the space that I’ve called home for so many years.

But all good things must come to an end. And even though I’m really sad to kiss our large apartment goodbye, I am SO EXCITED for those new couches. It’s going to be sooooo comfy! More updates coming atchya tomorrow. Until then – I should probably help with the moving and not just blog about it, right? Oops.