Moving Out Pt4: The Bedroom

TODAY IS THE DAY. TODAY IS THE DAY WE MOVE. As you read this I definitely have zero make up on and am yelling at Mike and J to not scratch the walls as they move the furniture! I’m a bossy lady, can’t help it. But anyway, onto the fun stuff. Interior design! Today we discuss: le bedroom!

This is the biggest thing that is getting downsized for us. The bedroom. Our old apartment’s bedroom is literally the length of the whole apartment, from wall to wall. Mike has one dresser and half of the other. I have two dressers, the walk in closet, and half of the other dresser. #spoiled. So when it came time to plan the new space I got a little depressed, but then got really excited because YAY NEW APARTMENT! Here’s a breakdown of the new digs:

  • Once again, this is pretty much the exact bedroom. I have a vase of pink peonies (fake, but still). We just bought that bedframe. And that dresser. I have that rug. Our bedspread is a blue and white pattern. You get my drift.

    The dresser in our old apartment that I just sold. You were a wonderful friend, dear dresser. I’ll miss you. Original post here.
  • The accent wall is the same color we had in the old place (I can’t believe I’m using past tense now). It’s a Martha Stewart discontinued color called “Wrought Iron” that goes on black, but dries to the perfect dark dark dark blue. I love it. I know it’s weird to paint a bedroom a dark color, but I love it. It’s more calming to me and less in-your-face as a bright color is. We didn’t have much of this color left over so we only painted one wall.
  • I’m all about that Ikea Hemnes collection. I’m giving up a two malm dressers (both in different colors) and getting the 8 drawer Hemnes in order to accommodate more things. This is the first time ever that I have cute matching furniture. Sure, they’re used Ikea items I found on craigslist, but please read: they are matching. I’m an adult!
  • The black curtains are because I couldn’t afford cute patterned ones. I don’t want to use white because with the dark blue in the sun I don’t want the space to feel nautical (plus, our other walls are white). So we’re going with black until I can afford fun curtains, which is approximately a million paychecks from now. #bills

    My faux vanity at the old apartment. View the original post here.
  • I’m not sure if I am going to have a vanity area. There’s not a lot of space for one, but do you want to know why I don’t do my makeup in the bathroom like most other girls I know? Well, one: people poop in there, so like, I don’t want my makeup brushes around that. And two: I am not tall enough to see myself in the mirror. Yes, really. I can basically see from the bottom of my nose and up. So I can’t lean in closely over the sink to line my eyes. Short people problems are REAL.
  • It’s bad feng shui to have storage under the bed, and Dad if you are reading this I am sorry. But with a smaller apartment and a much smaller closet I had to do it. The drawers under the bed will be home to space bag city which will store our seasonal clothes.
  • There is a lack of pink because I am a good fiance. If I had my way, please believe there would be a floral bedspread and hot pink satin sheets (which I used to have when I was single, by the way).
  • I found this black and white rug at Marshall’s a couple of years ago for only $49. It’s huge (I think 7 feet wide) so that will definitely add a nice touch to the wood floors. I’ve never had a bedroom with wood floors before!
  • I’m all about that wall art. Literally, Mike’s dad said when he first walked in “Could you have any more art on your walls?!” … the answer is yes, I definitely could.

Downsizing or not, I am over the moon about the new apartment and the layout of how everything is going to be set up. Like I mentioned before, we were able to get into the apartment and tape down exactly where we want everything to go. So we won’t be playing that game of should we move this over there instead? every other week. I’m so looking forward to making this place our home, having a housewarming party, and finally being settled in. Here’s to the weekend!

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