Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet: The New York City Ballet

Life has been enchanting, magical, and moving at a non stop pace for me lately. I have a brand new skincare routine and haven’t even written about it! I’m loving my new power sheets but no one knows. I’ve been living the offline life, and it’s been a little bit weird. What’s wrong with me?!

new york city ballet program

I had never been to the ballet (or Lincoln Center) before. My fiance changed that and after our day at the Botanical Garden he surprised me with tickets to the New York City Ballet. You know what is truly beautiful? Lincoln Center at dusk. I might be in love.

lincoln center

The theater itself felt like a museum. There was so much to look at that after the ballet was over we stayed an extra 30 minutes just exploring the main floor and all the different displays. It was such a beautiful and fun surprise – I really had no idea he had anything more planned for us.

lincoln center lincoln center lincoln center lincoln center lincoln center

I have so much to write about – new clay masks I’ve found (and loved), how we picked out our wedding rings, the updated planner system I’ve been using, how teaching pilates classes is going, the excitement of having two bridal showers… the list goes on and on. One thing at a time though. Make sure you follow me on snapchat (@lovelaralove) to keep in touch!