Our Sweetheart is One!

I truly can’t believe Ivy is one! Time seriously does fly, and it breaks my heart when I think about how quickly this year went. While I’ve done my best to soak up every moment, I can’t help but feel so sad when I think about how big my little girl is getting! Motherhood, man… what a ride!

To celebrate this milestone, my wonderful parents helped us throw a Valentine’s themed birthday party. We chose to have a sit-down brunch with family and friends at one of our favorite local eateries. I knew I wanted a sweetheart themed party from the beginning, and in order to help me set the scene, I partnered with Basic Invite to create the mood from the very beginning with their custom made invitations.

The Invites

The thing I loved most about using Basic Invite is the truly endless options for customization. Not only could I change the fonts, but I also had the freedom to change all the colors of the invitation. And I don’t just mean the color scheme, picking only 3-4 colors. I mean every single color on the invitation. It was a dream! Every heart, every word, all the backgrounds, and even the envelope color were all able to be color customized at no additional cost.

After browsing the girls birthday invitations I selected this sweetheart style that I loved and then edited the colors to be a bit softer. I kept the fonts relatively the same, and only changed a the sans serif font to be a bit more informal – this invite was originally meant for a swanky cocktail party.

Once the design was complete I opted to have the invitations mailed directly to our guests. It saved me tons of time and money, plus having the addresses custom printed on there was a nice added touch!

The Dessert Table

For actual party, I focused mostly on the dessert table. I had never designed a dessert table before but I knew I wanted this to be special. I hit up Target a week before Valentine’s day to grab everything in their dollar section, and it did not disappoint! That hot pink letter board? Only $5! And all those hot pink doilies, the mylar script balloons, and the pink and silver tassel streamers were there too. I think I spent about $25 – not bad!

The Cakes

Because I’m totally not normal, we had four cakes. I knew I wanted to try and bake a cake, but in case it came out terribly I wanted to have professional cakes available so our guests didn’t have to suffer, lol! Hey, it was my first time baking a cake and I wanted to be overprepared. I made Ivy’s special funfetti birthday cake, and then a double layer funfetti cake for the guests. Ivy’s cake had a hot pink number one candle, because #babygoals, while the red cake I made just had white conversation hearts bordering. I didn’t have time to make a cute design and wanted to save the fancy cake toppers for the fancy cakes!

I ordered a Vanilla and Guava cake and a Chocolate cake from our favorite local bakery – both of which came out amazingly. The vanilla cake featured a beautiful heart made out of gold and pink fondant hearts. I topped them with two seriously adorable cake toppers I got off of Amazon – a script gold sequin “one” and a pink and gold streamer “one” – both were a hit!

And because I am truly nuts, I also decided to bake and ice my own cookies, too. Which I had also never done before. They came out pretty good, though, so I was excited about that!

The Dining Tables

The tables were probably a bit too crowded, but you can blame that on after-Valentine’s-Day sales. I went to Michael’s on February 15th and was able to score a bunch of foam hearts as well as some red and pink garland at 80% off. So everyone had something sweet to take home, I ordered pink heart favor boxes on Amazon and filled them with Starburst Favor-Reds candies.

Shout out to my neighbor and great friend Alyssa who made homemade heart cookie favors from scratch as an extra special parting gift for everyone. They were delicious and beautiful! My heart hurts knowing I didn’t get any pictures of her beautiful work! But trust me, they were STUNNING.

For the centerpieces, the restaurant provided little glass vases that I filled with pink, red, and white M&Ms. I wrote the last names of families on red heart mylar balloons to help with semi-seating arrangements and put them in the vases – it turned out way cuter than I expected!  The day before the party I realized that the kids would need something to do, so I went to Etsy to get some custom coloring pages and placemats and ordered Valentine’s Day crayons and heart stamps.

My favorite, most extra thing I did was get a tutu for her high chair. I got it on Amazon and it made for adorable photos and added little something special for our sweetheart’s big day!

We truly had the most magical time celebrating with our little lady. She was such a good sport and really did have a fun time being surrounded by pretty much all the people she knows in the world! Everywhere she went, she saw a familiar face, which is one of the best things about birthday parties! We’re so grateful to the wonderful family and friends who were able to make it out to Ivy’s First Birthday Party.

Tons of thanks to Basic Invite for partnering with me to create beautiful custom invitations. If you’re looking for invitations, thank you cards, announcements, and more, you’ll be able to get 15% off your first order! For 15% off your first order with Basic Invite, use the promo code 15FF51.