Packing Up: Lakeside for Labor Day

So yes, we just got back from the Adirondacks. But guess what? We’re going again. This time we’re going to a different lake, about an hour south from where we were two weeks ago. I can’t express  just how excited I am for this. Seriously, I haven’t have a Labor Day Getaway since ever. I am so excited to enjoy the sunshine, the mountains, the stars, and the lake.

There are some obvious essentials that one needs to bring for a lakeside retreat: swim suit, towels, toiletries, etc. But when looking through my travel bag before our first getaway, I noticed two important missing items: sunscreen and bug spray.

Bug Spray

This is kind of a given: you can’t go hiking or be on the east coast in the summer without a mosquito or 20 (something I learned the hard way). I tried to get some organic spray just because all the chemicals etc freak me out. But my fiance was adamant about getting bug spray that won’t wash off when we go kayaking or hiking, and I also figured that now was not the time to test if a new bug spray worked or not. Bugs seriously love me – I can’t tell you how many bites I get every summer, even from something as simple as walking to my car. So anyway… I grabbed some Off Active, and so far so good! We kayaked through the marsh where there were bugs literally chilling on the surface of the lake, and thankfully we didn’t get bit.


I’m not the kind of girl that gets sunburned easily (famous last words?) and yes, I have gone indoor tanning before (guilty). Hey, building a healthy looking glow is something I’m always after now that I live where the sun doesn’t always come out to play year round. I probably tan about 4 times per year. Don’t hate: I’m a California Girl which means I am truly solar powered. I need Vitamin D more than most people (I legit have to go tanning in the winter to prevent seasonal depression – no joke). So anyway, moral of that story is I don’t always think about sunscreen.

TotLogic Organic Sunscreen Lakeside essentialsBug Spray: Off Insect Repellent, $5.99 at ~ Sunscreen: c/o TotLogic, $18 at

What I do think about when it comes to sunscreen, however, is how anything we apply onto our bodies can get absorbed into our blood stream. I knew we weren’t getting organic bug spray so I wanted to get organic sunscreen. The TotLogic sunscreen boasts multiple organic and gentle properties, which is also great for my sensitive skin. The main active ingredient is 20% Zinc Oxide. In addition, this sunscreen is infused with gentle organic elements such as:

  • Arnica
  • White Tea
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Aloe
  • Jojoba

It sounds more like a soothing lotion or spa treatment when you list it all out, lol! It’s also formulated without parabens, formaldehyde, phthlates, and most importantly without triclosan. Triclosan scares the crap out of me because it messes with your insides pretty intensely:

Studies in animals have shown that the chemicals, triclosan in liquid soaps and triclocarban in bar soaps, can disrupt the normal development of the reproductive system and metabolism, and health experts warn that their effects could be the same in humans. – New York Times

Triclosan is normally found in antibacterial soaps (like the beloved Bath and Body Works kind), and is found in some sunscreens. So I was truly excited to see that this sunscreen is, in my opinion, safe. It’s made with organic ingredients and was formulated for babies. If it’s safe enough for a baby’s skin it is safe enough for me!
TotLogic Organic Sunscreen Lakeside essentials (13)

It’s safe to say that both of these lakeside essentials worked.

Kayaking through marsh and bug filled lily pads lead to zero bug bites, and there were no red noses or shoulders throughout the whole group. It is a little nerve racking to spray to insect repellent because I try not to inhale it. But it’s quick and easy if you can hold your nose and have someone else spray it. The sunscreen does take a lot of massaging in order for it in absorb into the skin. Mike literally asked me if I was trying to give him a massage after about 30 seconds of me trying to sunscreen his back! But hey, a little effort never hurt anyone and we’re happy to say that none of us are peeling.

We are really excited to head off to our next Adirondack adventure. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what to pack this time (last time I was not nearly as prepared as I thought I was). I just got a new swim suit, so hopefully that works out because I plan to spend as much time as possible on the lake! Here’s to a well prepared weekend: bug spray, sunscreen, bikinis…. what else could you possibly need?!

Shopping Info: Bug Spray: Off Insect Repellent, $5.99 at ~ Sunscreen: c/o TotLogic, $18 at