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If there’s one thing I take a little too seriously, it’s my hair care. My hair is my saving grace and has been my whole life. Through various weight gains and acne problems, I can always count on my hair to be there for me and provide a little self-esteem boost whenever needed. So when Function of Beauty reached out to me about their personalized shampoo and conditioner I was immediately intrigued.

The premise is simple: fill out your hair quiz, select your hair goals, choose a fragrance and color, and get a unique shampoo and conditioner that is completely personalized to you. After filling out my online profile and selecting my preferences I received my individualized shampoo and conditioner in the mail, and spoiler alert: I love it. Here’s how it works.

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Defining Your Hair Profile

My hair profile is straight + fine + oily

Knowing your hair is the most important thing here. Just like you should know if you have oily or dry skin before selecting your skin care, you should know the profile of your hair before deciding which product to use.

Growing up I had severe eczema and therefore have always assumed my skin type to be dry. But as I’ve gotten older and am well into my 20s, I’ve discovered that my skin has done a complete 180 – I have truly oily skin now. This has translated to my scalp as well. While I once battled with dandruff and dry flakes, those are now issues of my past.

Additionally, I always assumed I had very thick hair. But when getting ready for my wedding, the stylist pointed mentioned to me that my hair is very fine. This was a shock to me, and to my friends who looked at the stylist like she was an actual liar. But in truth, I do have fine hair – I just happen to have a LOT of it. So it looks very thick and shiny, but it’s because what I lack in quality I make up for in quantity.  I had been using the wrong products before, not really paying attention to how fine hair requires specialized attention.

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My hair goals are to  fix split ends + strengthen + volumize + oil control + anti-frizz

Function of Beauty understands that everyone has different goals, even for something as simple as your hair. As part of the online questionnaire, you get to select not one but five goals you have for your hair. This is awesome because most shampoos and conditioners are specific for one thing. You can get something for volumizing, deep conditioning, shine, hydration, or color protection but you’d be hard-pressed to find something that tackles all five of these things. That is perhaps my favorite feature that Function of Beauty provides: five personalized hair goals that your shampoo and conditioner will be formulated to treat.

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Individualized Preferences

My product color is dye-free
My product fragrance is grapefruit hibiscus

From here comes the fun stuff. You can actually choose the color that you want your shampoo and conditioner to be. Since the product comes in clear bottles it is a fun custom touch. I opted for dye-free formulas since my newborn is always touching and accidentally eating my hair.

Next, you can select a fragrance. You’re given four excellent choices: essential oils, cucumber mint, grapefruit hibiscus, or sandalwood violet. And not only do you get to select the scent, but you also get to select the strength of the fragrance. This is just another way Function of Beauty goes a step above to really allow you to personalize your formula.

And my favorite part is at the end: naming your formula. It gets printed on the bottle, which is another great touch because it allows you to feel so involved in the process and gives you something that truly no one else will have.

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Personalized hair care is not something that I ever thought to invest in, but now that I have it I truly can’t imagine living without it. Just being able to select your hair goals alone is worth it – I have a shampoo and conditioner that is specific to my desires and something that is beyond unique. Not only that, but each product (no matter the ingredients and combination) is clean and natural with no sulfates, parabens, or GMOs. Plus – they are completely vegan!

This personalized system works. I’ve seen a complete change in my hair and the quality of each wash. I was nervous that my hair would become incredibly dull and totally betray me since I’m no longer pregnant, but this product system made sure that was not the case. I’m incredibly happy with my individualized formula. Throw in the fact that each order is custom made in the USA and comes with free two day shipping on every order? I’m head over heels.

Shopping Details: Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner starting at $36 with Free Shipping on

Thank you to Function of Beauty for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.