Planner Update: Weekly Goal Tending

Organization is my super power and my kryptonite. I throw myself into planning and writing things down in order to make things easier on myself, but sometimes it ends with me chasing my tail anyway. I’m trying to embrace my cycle of productivity – some weeks I’m truly magical and able to cross everything off my list. Other weeks I can’t even get out of bed. So I’ve taken to weekly goal tending and a “done is better than perfect” mantra in order to get me going.

The easiest way for me combat things is to break everything down:

  • months
  • weeks
  • days

I was breaking my MONTHS down with the PowerSheets. I was breaking my DAYS down with the Day Designer. But my weeks? Sadly those would get left behind, and it would be Friday before I knew it and some of my most imperative deadlines were sneaking up on me. I would forget things because they were due on Thursday and I wouldn’t be thinking about them until the due date came along, even though I had plenty of time to work on it on Tuesday.

So now I’m tracking things weekly too. I purchased the Weekly Planner Printable from Crossbow Printables on Etsy just to test out the new planning layout. I don’t want to overload myself or anything, so spending the $5.42 for a printable seemed to be more reasonable than going all in for a spiral bound notebook with the same thing.

happy planner crossbow printables

My first week I was using the weekly planner in a binder, but dragging that to and from work and working off of it in general was becoming a chore. So I printed it in a half size and used washi tape to put it in my Happy Planner. A little weird, I know, especially since The Happy Planner has a weekly layout of its own. But I like having a weekly calendar based on deadlines and productivity versus a morning/afternoon/night timeline. It allows me to truly concentrate on weekly goal tending versus my agenda. It’s funny because the weekly timeline layout was the only way I liked to work back in the day. Funny how our preferences change.

I’ve been using this layout for three weeks and so far things are getting done! There is always something to do, and now I don’t get lost in my daily routine or overwhelmed by my monthly goals.

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