Practical Moving Advice

If you’ve been following on instagram, you know our lives are a little messy right now. We have a new home very close to our current apartment, but with a lot more space. The only problem with the new house is that there was a complete gut renovation to it, so the construction timeline was off and well… let’s just say we are very stressed lately. After a lot of packing already took place, we were told the move would be pushed off by another week. So I’ve been maneuvering my way through a small NYC apartment with a huge bump for the past week and a half. It’s not fun! But anyway…

This is our second move in the last 2 years, and while I’m by no means an expert, there are a couple of different things this time around that have made our lives a little bit easier. Here is some practical moving advice from someone who is pregnant, hates packing, and really hates disorganization.

Space Bags Everywhere, For Everything

Space bags do not get the love they truly deserve. I might write a book of sonnets for them some day. Maybe it’s because everyone is super into minimalism lately – sure, it would make more sense if I had less things to pack, but I’m not that girl. We have a lot of stuff, including a lot of baby clothes that have yet to be used. Space bags are AMAZING! All those living room blankets, throw pillows? Nicely stacked and put away. They’re now easy to store and even easier to transport. Yes, please!

It’s also super ideal for me because I’m at the point where I can no longer wear a lot of my regular clothes. I’m all maternity leggings and dresses now. Most of my tops don’t fit over my belly (and look like creepy crop tops) so since a lot of my closet is getting retired, space bagging my clothes for the remainder of my pregnancy is the most ideal thing to do.

Beg Your Friends For Help…

Even though I’m pregnant, I feel like I’m half a human right now – not incredibly mobile, and definitely unable to lift any boxes. I can pack items away but really can’t reach anything. It’s a lot of pressure to put on Mike so I’m very thankful we have great friends who have volunteered to come to the apartment and help do basic things. Even taking dishes out of the cabinets for me is a huge help. Seriously, it has saved us so much time and frustration.

And then there’s the friends with all the technical skills we lack – even if I could reach the holes where the curtains rods were, I would not be able to Spackle them! And did you know you had to sand it after you Spackle it? HGTV has taught me a lot of things, but I certainly don’t have the knowledge or skill to actually do anything, lol.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends who are willing to do these kinds of things for you, swallow your pride, buy them pizza and beer, and let them help!

…But Know When To Pay For A Professional

We don’t actually expect people to spend an entire day with us, picking up boxes, putting them in a truck, and then helping unpack. We won’t want to push anyone over the edge, including ourselves. For the first time we have hired movers to help with all the large items: the dozens of boxes, the furniture, the electronics, etc. Since I can’t lift a single thing and since we don’t want to ask too much of friends and family, making an investment to at least get us from the old place to the new one is truly the right thing to do.

Over Purchase Moving Supplies

Why is it that I always find myself going back to Home Depot like 5 times over the course of a move? It’s because I’m usually too cheap the first couple of times to buy the amount of supplies we actually need. I’m a brat like that. This time I’ve wised up significantly – I’ve only had to return to Home Depot once! I’ve over purchased boxes, packing paper, packing tape, space bags, and painting supplies. Seriously – Nothing is more draining or frustrating than realizing you need more packing tape at 10:30pm on a Wednesday. Overestimate what you need and over purchase everything. Your future self will thank you.

Pack a Weekend Suitcase with Bedding …

This one I’m excited about. We’re going to sleep in our sheets in our bed, with our pillows and our blankets the night before the move. This mama to be needs her rest! And the sense of normalcy doesn’t hurt either. The morning of the move I’ll space bag everything away and put it all into a suitcase. And since it’s a suitcase and not a box I’ll know exactly where to find it for later that evening in the new place.

Every other time we have moved, we always “slum” it the night before and sleep with very bare minimum so the sheets can already be packed away. I’m super excited to have a different strategy this time around.

 …and Overnight Essentials

This one is a given, but something I really didn’t think about it until this move.  We have packed “weekend bags” with all the other essentials – clean clothes, toiletries, and whatever else we’ll the the weekend of the move. It’s something so simple and intuitive for most people, but I really didn’t even consider it until this time around!

Keep a Scented Candle Around

Or keep something around that still gives you a sense of “home” while you’re packing everything away. This one is so important to me. I hate living with boxes and disorganization. It’s unlivable, and it gives me anxiety and causes me a LOT of stress. Since all the art work is off the walls and the curtains are down, things feel stale and bare. But lighting a candle creates a (false) sense of normalcy while everything is going insane!

If you can, get a smaller candle in a tin (not glass!) and preferably with a lid. The morning of the move you can slip it into your purse, and that can be the first thing you light in your new home as well.

Moving is not fun, and even less fun when you are pregnant! I can’t imagine packing up boxes and living this way with a baby! It’s been a very exhausting week, but we are so excited to move and finally be able to have a place to feel at home again. I’m looking forward to decorating a new space… especially the baby’s room!